and; to reach; up to; in time for

strokes 3
strokes after radical 2
阿尔及尔 阿爾及爾 a1 er3 ji2 er3
Algiers, capital of Algeria

阿尔及利亚 阿爾及利亞 a1 er3 ji2 li4 ya4

阿尔及利亚人 阿爾及利亞人 a1 er3 ji2 li4 ya4 ren2

埃及 埃及 ai1 ji2

埃及豆 埃及豆 ai1 ji2 dou4

埃及古物学 埃及古物學 ai1 ji2 gu3 wu4 xue2

埃及古物学者 埃及古物學者 ai1 ji2 gu3 wu4 xue2 zhe3

埃及夜鹰 埃及夜鷹 ai1 ji2 ye4 ying1
(bird species of China) Egyptian nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius)

爱屋及鸟 愛屋及鳥 ai4 wu1 ji2 niao3
see 愛屋及烏|爱屋及乌

爱屋及乌 愛屋及烏 ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1
lit. love the house and its crow (idiom); involvement with sb and everyone connected; Love me, love my dog.

安地卡及巴布达 安地卡及巴布達 an1 di4 ka3 ji2 ba1 bu4 da2
Antigua and Barbuda (Tw)

鞭长莫及 鞭長莫及 bian1 chang2 mo4 ji2
lit. the whip cannot reach (idiom); beyond one's influence; too far to be able to help

遍及 遍及 bian4 ji2
to extend (everywhere)

波及 波及 bo1 ji2
to spread to; to involve; to affect

不及 不及 bu4 ji2
to fall short of; not as good as; too late

不及格 不及格 bu4 ji2 ge2
to fail; to flunk

不及物动词 不及物動詞 bu4 ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2
intransitive verb

城门失火,殃及池鱼 城門失火,殃及池魚 cheng2 men2 shi1 huo3 - yang1 ji2 chi2 yu2
a fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat (idiom); the bystander will also suffer; fig. you can't escape responsibility for your actions; ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee

齿及 齒及 chi3 ji2
to mention; referring to

出埃及记 出埃及記 chu1 ai1 ji2 ji4
Book of Exodus; Second Book of Moses

触及 觸及 chu4 ji2
to touch (physically, one's feelings etc); to touch on (a topic)

触手可及 觸手可及 chu4 shou3 ke3 ji2
within reach

猝不及防 猝不及防 cu4 bu4 ji2 fang2
to be caught off guard; without warning

措手不及 措手不及 cuo4 shou3 bu4 ji2
no time to deal with it (idiom); caught unprepared

档案转送存取及管理 檔案轉送存取及管理 dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3
File Transfer, Access and Management; FTAM

等不及 等不及 deng3 bu4 ji2
can't wait

电机及电子学工程师联合会 電機及電子學工程師聯合會 dian4 ji1 ji2 dian4 zi3 xue2 gong1 cheng2 shi1 lian2 he2 hui4
IEEE; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

风马牛不相及 風馬牛不相及 feng1 ma3 niu2 bu4 xiang1 ji2
to be completely unrelated to one another (idiom); irrelevant

赶不及 趕不及 gan3 bu4 ji2
not enough time (to do sth); too late (to do sth)

赶得及 趕得及 gan3 de2 ji2
there is still time (to do sth); to be able to do sth in time; to be able to make it

顾及 顧及 gu4 ji2
to take into consideration; to attend to

管见所及 管見所及 guan3 jian4 suo3 ji2
in my humble opinion (idiom)

管窥所及 管窺所及 guan3 kui1 suo3 ji2
in my humble opinion

过犹不及 過猶不及 guo4 you2 bu4 ji2
too far is as bad as not enough (idiom, from the Analects)

后悔莫及 後悔莫及 hou4 hui3 mo4 ji2
too late for regrets (idiom); It is useless to repent after the event.

悔之无及 悔之無及 hui3 zhi1 wu2 ji2
too late for regrets (idiom); It is useless to repent after the event.

及第 及第 ji2 di4
to pass an imperial examination

及锋而试 及鋒而試 ji2 feng1 er2 shi4
lit. to reach the tip and try (idiom); to have a go when at one's peak

及格 及格 ji2 ge2
to pass an exam or a test; to meet a minimum standard

及格线 及格線 ji2 ge2 xian4
passing line or score (in an examination)

及笄 及笄 ji2 ji1
to reach marriageable age (a girl's fifteenth birthday)

及其 及其 ji2 qi2
and; as well as

及时 及時 ji2 shi2
in time; promptly; without delay; timely

及时处理 及時處理 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3
timely handling; a stitch in time

及时处理,事半功倍 及時處理,事半功倍 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3 - shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort; the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

及时行乐 及時行樂 ji2 shi2 xing2 le4
to enjoy the present (idiom); to live happily with no thought for the future; make merry while you can; carpe diem

及时性 及時性 ji2 shi2 xing4
timeliness; promptness

及时雨 及時雨 ji2 shi2 yu3
timely rain; (fig.) timely assistance

及物 及物 ji2 wu4
transitive (grammar)

及物动词 及物動詞 ji2 wu4 dong4 ci2
transitive verb

及早 及早 ji2 zao3
at the earliest possible time; as soon as possible

及至 及至 ji2 zhi4
by the time that

经济社会及文化权利国际公约 經濟社會及文化權利國際公約 jing1 ji4 she4 hui4 ji2 wen2 hua4 quan2 li4 guo2 ji4 gong1 yue1
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

科学普及 科學普及 ke1 xue2 pu3 ji2
popular science; popularization of science

可望而不可及 可望而不可及 ke3 wang4 er2 bu4 ke3 ji2
in sight but unattainable (idiom); inaccessible

扩及 擴及 kuo4 ji2
to extend to

来不及 來不及 lai2 bu5 ji2
there's not enough time (to do sth); it's too late (to do sth)

来得及 來得及 lai2 de5 ji2
there's still time; able to do sth in time

老吾老,以及人之老 老吾老,以及人之老 lao3 wu2 lao3 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 lao3
to honor old people as we do our own aged parents

老吾老,以及人之老,幼吾幼,以及人之幼 老吾老,以及人之老,幼吾幼,以及人之幼 lao3 wu2 lao3 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 lao3 - you4 wu2 you4 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 you4
to honor old people as we do our own aged parents, and care for other's children as one's own

累及 累及 lei3 ji2
to involve; to affect

力所不及 力所不及 li4 suo3 bu4 ji2
beyond one's power (to do sth)

力所能及 力所能及 li4 suo3 neng2 ji2
as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability; within one's powers

料及 料及 liao4 ji2
to anticipate; forecast; expectation; anticipation

论及 論及 lun4 ji2
to make reference to; to write about

目光所及 目光所及 mu4 guang1 suo3 ji2
as far as the eye can see

奈及利亚 奈及利亞 nai4 ji2 li4 ya4
Nigeria (Tw)

迫不及待 迫不及待 po4 bu4 ji2 dai4
impatient (idiom); in a hurry; itching to get on with it

普及 普及 pu3 ji2
to spread extensively; to generalize; widespread; popular; universal; ubiquitous; pervasive

企及 企及 qi3 ji2
to hope to reach; to strive for

千里达及托巴哥 千里達及托巴哥 qian1 li3 da2 ji2 tuo1 ba1 ge1
Trinidad and Tobago (Tw)

伤及无辜 傷及無辜 shang1 ji2 wu2 gu1
to harm the innocent (idiom)

涉及 涉及 she4 ji2
to involve; to touch upon (a topic)

圣文森及格瑞那丁 聖文森及格瑞那丁 sheng4 wen2 sen1 ji2 ge2 rui4 na4 ding1
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Tw)

食物及药品管理局 食物及藥品管理局 shi2 wu4 ji2 yao4 pin3 guan3 li3 ju2
US Food and Drug Administration authority (FDA)

始料未及 始料未及 shi3 liao4 wei4 ji2
not expected at the outset (idiom); unforeseen; to be surprised by the turn of events

谈及 談及 tan2 ji2
to talk about; to mention

提及 提及 ti2 ji2
to mention; to raise (a subject); to bring to sb's attention

推及 推及 tui1 ji2
to spread; to extend

望尘莫及 望塵莫及 wang4 chen2 mo4 ji2
lit. to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up (idiom); to be far inferior

危及 危及 wei1 ji2
to endanger; to jeopardize; a danger (to life, national security etc)

未及 未及 wei4 ji2
to not have had time; to have not yet; not to touch upon

未提及 未提及 wei4 ti2 ji2
not mentioned

无人能及 無人能及 wu2 ren2 neng2 ji2
nobody can compete with; unmatched by anybody; without rival

言不及义 言不及義 yan2 bu4 ji2 yi4
to talk nonsense (idiom); frivolous talk

殃及 殃及 yang1 ji2
to bring disaster to

央及 央及 yang1 ji2
to ask; to plead; to beg; to involve

遥不可及 遙不可及 yao2 bu4 ke3 ji2
unattainable; far-fetched; out of reach; exceedingly remote or distant

以及 以及 yi3 ji2
as well as; too; and

由表及里 由表及裡 you2 biao3 ji2 li3
to proceed from the outside to the inside; to see the essence merely by looking at the superficial appearance

有过之而无不及 有過之而無不及 you3 guo4 zhi1 er2 wu2 bu4 ji2
not to be inferior in any aspects (idiom); to surpass; to outdo; (derog.) to be even worse

又及 又及 you4 ji2
P.S.; postscript

幼吾幼,以及人之幼 幼吾幼,以及人之幼 you4 wu2 you4 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 you4
to care for other's children as one's own

愚不可及 愚不可及 yu2 bu4 ke3 ji2
impossibly stupid

追悔莫及 追悔莫及 zhui1 hui3 mo4 ji2
too late for regrets (idiom); It is useless to repent after the event.