to receive; to accept; to suffer; subjected to; to bear; to stand; pleasant; (passive marker)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
挨打受骂 挨打受罵 ai2 da3 shou4 ma4
to suffer beatings and receive abuse (idiom)

挨打受气 挨打受氣 ai2 da3 shou4 qi4
to suffer bullying and beating (idiom)

饱受 飽受 bao3 shou4
to endure; to suffer; to be subjected to

备受 備受 bei4 shou4
to fully experience (good or bad)

不好受 不好受 bu4 hao3 shou4
unpleasant; hard to take

不堪忍受 不堪忍受 bu4 kan1 ren3 shou4

不受欢迎 不受歡迎 bu4 shou4 huan1 ying2

不幸受害 不幸受害 bu4 xing4 shou4 hai4
the unfortunate injured (party); a victim

承受 承受 cheng2 shou4
to bear; to support; to inherit

承受力 承受力 cheng2 shou4 li4
tolerance; capability of adapting oneself

传道受业 傳道受業 chuan2 dao4 shou4 ye4
to teach (idiom); lit. to give moral and practical instruction

代人受过 代人受過 dai4 ren2 shou4 guo4
to take the blame for sb else; to be made a scapegoat

担惊受怕 擔驚受怕 dan1 jing1 shou4 pa4
to feel apprehensive; to be alarmed

感受 感受 gan3 shou4
to sense; perception; to feel (through the senses); to experience; a feeling; an impression; an experience

感受器 感受器 gan3 shou4 qi4
sensory receptor

感同身受 感同身受 gan3 tong2 shen1 shou4
to feel as if it had happened to oneself; to sympathize; (polite expression of gratitude for a favor received by a friend etc) I take it as a personal favor

够受的 夠受的 gou4 shou4 de5
to be quite an ordeal; to be hard to bear

好受 好受 hao3 shou4
feeling better; to be more at ease

花钱找罪受 花錢找罪受 hua1 qian2 zhao3 zui4 shou4
to spend money on sth that turns out to be unsatisfactory or even disastrous

活受罪 活受罪 huo2 shou4 zui4
(coll.) to go through sheer hell

健康受损 健康受損 jian4 kang1 shou4 sun3
health damage

接受 接受 jie1 shou4
to accept; to receive

接受审问 接受審問 jie1 shou4 shen3 wen4
under interrogation (for a crime); on trial

接受者 接受者 jie1 shou4 zhe3
recipient; person receiving sth

禁受 禁受 jin1 shou4
to stand; to endure

经受 經受 jing1 shou4
to undergo (hardship); to endure; to withstand

拒不接受 拒不接受 ju4 bu4 jie1 shou4
refusing to accept

可接受性 可接受性 ke3 jie1 shou4 xing4

领受 領受 ling3 shou4
to accept; to receive

满招损,谦受益 滿招損,謙受益 man3 zhao1 sun3 - qian1 shou4 yi4
(idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit; pride comes before a fall

蒙受 蒙受 meng2 shou4
to suffer; to sustain (loss)

免受 免受 mian3 shou4
to avoid suffering; to prevent (sth bad); to protect against (damage); immunity (from prosecution); freedom (from pain, damage etc); exempt from punishment

免受伤害 免受傷害 mian3 shou4 shang1 hai4
to avoid damage

耐受 耐受 nai4 shou4
to tolerate; endurance

耐受力 耐受力 nai4 shou4 li4
tolerance; ability to survive; hardiness

耐受性 耐受性 nai4 shou4 xing4
tolerance (to heat, acid etc); resistance

男女授受不亲 男女授受不親 nan2 nv3 shou4 shou4 bu4 qin1
men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things (citation, from Mencius)

难受 難受 nan2 shou4
to feel unwell; to suffer pain; to be difficult to bear

难以忍受 難以忍受 nan2 yi3 ren3 shou4
hard to endure; unbearable

逆来顺受 逆來順受 ni4 lai2 shun4 shou4
to resign oneself to adversity (idiom); to grin and bear it; to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation etc

人工受孕 人工受孕 ren2 gong1 shou4 yun4
artificial insemination

忍受 忍受 ren3 shou4
to bear; to endure

容受 容受 rong2 shou4
to tolerate; to accept (criticism, resignation etc); same as 容納接受|容纳接受

弱受 弱受 ruo4 shou4
submissive; yielding; weak; opposite: 強攻|强攻, dominant

深受 深受 shen1 shou4
to receive in no small measure

施虐受虐 施虐受虐 shi1 nve4 shou4 nve4

实受资本 實受資本 shi2 shou5 zi1 ben3
paid-up capital

使受伤 使受傷 shi3 shou4 shang1

试管受孕 試管受孕 shi4 guan3 shou4 yun4
in vitro fertilisation; test tube fertilisation

收受 收受 shou1 shou4
to receive; to accept

受保人 受保人 shou4 bao3 ren2
the insured person; the person covered by an insurance policy

受瘪 受癟 shou4 bie3
discomfited; to get into a mess

受病 受病 shou4 bing4
to fall ill

受不了 受不了 shou4 bu4 liao3
unbearable; unable to endure; can't stand

受潮 受潮 shou4 chao2
damp; affected by damp and cold

受持 受持 shou4 chi2
to accept and maintain faith (Buddhism)

受宠 受寵 shou4 chong3
to receive favor (from superior); favored; pampered

受宠若惊 受寵若驚 shou4 chong3 ruo4 jing1
overwhelmed by favor from superior (humble expr.)

受词 受詞 shou4 ci2
object (linguistics)

受挫 受挫 shou4 cuo4
thwarted; obstructed; setback

受到 受到 shou4 dao4
to receive; to suffer; obtained; given

受到影响 受到影響 shou4 dao4 ying3 xiang3
affected (usually adversely); to suffer

受电弓 受電弓 shou4 dian4 gong1
pantograph (transportation)

受冻挨饿 受凍挨餓 shou4 dong4 ai2 e4
to go cold and hungry

受法律保护权 受法律保護權 shou4 fa3 lv4 bao3 hu4 quan2
right to protection by law (law)

受访 受訪 shou4 fang3
to give an interview; to be interviewed; to respond to (questions, a survey etc)

受访者 受訪者 shou4 fang3 zhe3
participant in a survey; an interviewee; those questioned

受俸 受俸 shou4 feng4
to receive an official's salary

受格 受格 shou4 ge2

受够 受夠 shou4 gou4
to have had enough of; to be fed up with; to have had one's fill of

受雇 受僱 shou4 gu4
to be employed; to be hired; hired; paid

受害 受害 shou4 hai4
to suffer damage, injury etc; damaged; injured; killed; robbed

受害人 受害人 shou4 hai4 ren2

受害者 受害者 shou4 hai4 zhe3
casualty; victim; those injured and wounded

受寒 受寒 shou4 han2
affected by cold; to catch cold

受欢迎 受歡迎 shou4 huan1 ying2
popular; well-received

受贿 受賄 shou4 hui4
to accept a bribe; bribery

受惠 受惠 shou4 hui4
to benefit; favored

受贿案 受賄案 shou4 hui4 an4
bribery case

受夹板气 受夾板氣 shou4 jia1 ban3 qi4
to be attacked by both sides in a quarrel; to be caught in the crossfire

受教 受教 shou4 jiao4
to receive instruction; to benefit from advice

受戒 受戒 shou4 jie4
to take oaths as a monk (Buddhism); to take orders

受尽 受盡 shou4 jin4
to suffer enough from; to suffer all kinds of; to have one's fill of

受精 受精 shou4 jing1
to receive sperm; fertilized; insemination

受惊 受驚 shou4 jing1

受精卵 受精卵 shou4 jing1 luan3
fertilized ovum

受精囊 受精囊 shou4 jing1 nang2
seminal receptacle

受窘 受窘 shou4 jiong3
embarrassed; bothered; in an awkward position

受看 受看 shou4 kan4

受苦 受苦 shou4 ku3
to suffer hardship

受困 受困 shou4 kun4
trapped; stranded

受累 受累 shou4 lei3
to get dragged into; to get involved (on sb else's account)

受累 受累 shou4 lei4
to be put to a lot of trouble

受理 受理 shou4 li3
to accept to hear a case; to handle (a service)

受礼 受禮 shou4 li3
to accept a gift; to acknowledge greetings

受凉 受涼 shou4 liang2
to catch cold

受领 受領 shou4 ling3
to receive

受领者 受領者 shou4 ling3 zhe3
a recipient

受命 受命 shou4 ming4
ordained or appointed to a post; to benefit from counsel

受命于天 受命于天 shou4 ming4 yu2 tian1
to become Emperor by the grace of Heaven; to "receive the Mandate of Heaven" (traditional English translation)

受纳 受納 shou4 na4
to accept; to receive (tribute)

受难纪念 受難紀念 shou4 nan2 ji4 nian4

受难 受難 shou4 nan4
to suffer a calamity; to suffer (e.g. under torture); distress

受难日 受難日 shou4 nan4 ri4
Good Friday

受难者 受難者 shou4 nan4 zhe3
sufferer; a victim of a calamity; a person in distress

受虐 受虐 shou4 nve4
to suffer sexual abuse; masochism

受虐狂 受虐狂 shou4 nve4 kuang2
masochism; masochist

受骗 受騙 shou4 pian4
to be cheated; to be taken in; to be hoodwinked

受聘 受聘 shou4 pin4
hired (for employment); invited (e.g. to lecture); engaged (for a task); (in olden times) betrothal gift from the groom's family

受聘于 受聘于 shou4 pin4 yu2
to be employed at

受气 受氣 shou4 qi4
to be mistreated; to be bullied

受气包 受氣包 shou4 qi4 bao1
(fig.) punching bag

受穷 受窮 shou4 qiong2

受取 受取 shou4 qu3
to accept; to receive

受权 受權 shou4 quan2
authorized; entrusted (with authority)

受热 受熱 shou4 re4
heated; sunstroke

受任 受任 shou4 ren4
appointment (to a job); to be appointed (to high office); to accept an appointment; entrusted with responsibilities; same as 授任

受辱 受辱 shou4 ru3
insulted; humiliated; disgraced

受禅 受禪 shou4 shan4
to accept abdication

受伤 受傷 shou4 shang1
to sustain injuries; wounded (in an accident etc); harmed

受赏 受賞 shou4 shang3
to receive a prize

受审 受審 shou4 shen3
on trial (for a crime); to stand trial

受事 受事 shou4 shi4
object (of a transitive verb); to receive a task

受试者 受試者 shou4 shi4 zhe3
subject (in an experiment); participant (in a clinical trial etc)

授受 授受 shou4 shou4
to give and accept

受暑 受暑 shou4 shu3
affected by heat; to suffer heatstroke or sunstroke

受损 受損 shou4 sun3
to suffer damage

受胎 受胎 shou4 tai1
to become pregnant; to conceive; impregnated; insemination

受体 受體 shou4 ti3

受听 受聽 shou4 ting1
nice to hear; worth listening to

受托 受託 shou4 tuo1
to be entrusted; to be commissioned

受托人 受託人 shou4 tuo1 ren2
(law) trustee

受托者 受託者 shou4 tuo1 zhe3

受洗 受洗 shou4 xi3
to receive baptism; baptized

受洗命名 受洗命名 shou4 xi3 ming4 ming2
to be christened

受降 受降 shou4 xiang2
to accept surrender

受降仪式 受降儀式 shou4 xiang2 yi2 shi4
a surrender ceremony

受享 受享 shou4 xiang3
to enjoy

受刑 受刑 shou4 xing2
beaten; tortured; executed

受刑人 受刑人 shou4 xing2 ren2
person being executed; victim of corporal punishment; person serving a sentence

受性 受性 shou4 xing4
inborn (ability, defect)

受训 受訓 shou4 xun4
to receive training

受业 受業 shou4 ye4
to study; to learn from a master; (pupil's first person pronoun) I, your student

受益 受益 shou4 yi4
to benefit from; profit

受益匪浅 受益匪淺 shou4 yi4 fei3 qian3
to benefit (from)

受益人 受益人 shou4 yi4 ren2
the beneficiary; the person who benefits

受用 受用 shou4 yong4
to enjoy; to reap the benefits (of sth)

受用 受用 shou4 yong5
comfortable; feeling well

受约束 受約束 shou4 yue1 shu4
restricted; constrained

受孕 受孕 shou4 yun4
to become pregnant; to conceive; impregnated; insemination

受灾 受災 shou4 zai1
disaster-stricken; to be hit by a natural calamity

受灾地区 受災地區 shou4 zai1 di4 qu1
disaster area

受知 受知 shou4 zhi1
recognized (for one's talents)

受支配 受支配 shou4 zhi1 pei4
subject to (foreign domination, emotions etc)

受制 受制 shou4 zhi4
controlled (by sb); to suffer under a yoke

受众 受眾 shou4 zhong4
target audience; audience

受主 受主 shou4 zhu3
acceptor (semiconductor)

受阻 受阻 shou4 zu3
blocked; obstructed; detained

受罪 受罪 shou4 zui4
to endure; to suffer; hardships; torments; a hard time; a nuisance

死要面子活受罪 死要面子活受罪 si3 yao4 mian4 zi5 huo2 shou4 zui4
to go through hell for the sake of keeping up appearances (idiom)

体外受精 體外受精 ti3 wai4 shou4 jing1
in vitro fertilization

未受精 未受精 wei4 shou4 jing1
unfertilized (of ova, not soil)

未受影响 未受影響 wei4 shou4 ying3 xiang3
unaffected; not inconvenienced

无法忍受 無法忍受 wu2 fa3 ren3 shou4

无福消受 無福消受 wu2 fu2 xiao1 shou4
unfortunately cannot enjoy (idiom)

无功不受禄 無功不受祿 wu2 gong1 bu4 shou4 lu4
Don't get a reward if it's not deserved. (idiom)

无功受禄 無功受祿 wu2 gong1 shou4 lu4
to get undeserved rewards (idiom)

物质享受 物質享受 wu4 zhi4 xiang3 shou4
material benefits

享受 享受 xiang3 shou4
to enjoy; to live it up; pleasure

消受 消受 xiao1 shou4
to bear; to enjoy (usually in negative combination, meaning unable to enjoy)

小洞不堵,大洞受苦 小洞不堵,大洞受苦 xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 - da4 dong4 shou4 ku3
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.

小受 小受 xiao3 shou4
(slang) bottom (in a homosexual relationship)

虚不受补 虛不受補 xu1 bu4 shou4 bu3
a person who is in poor health cannot handle sth so strong as a tonic

耶稣受难节 耶穌受難節 ye1 su1 shou4 nan4 jie2
Good Friday

易受攻击 易受攻擊 yi4 shou4 gong1 ji1

遭受 遭受 zao1 shou4
to suffer; to sustain (loss, misfortune)

自作自受 自作自受 zi4 zuo4 zi4 shou4
to reap what one has sown (idiom); to stew in one's own juice