variant of 疊|叠

variant of 疊|叠

to fold; to fold over in layers; to furl; to layer; to pile up; to repeat; to duplicate

strokes 13
strokes after radical 11
层叠 層疊 ceng2 die2
layer upon layer; tiered

层峦叠嶂 層巒疊嶂 ceng2 luan2 die2 zhang4
range upon range of mountains (idiom)

肠套叠 腸套疊 chang2 tao4 die2
intussusception (medicine)

重叠 重疊 chong2 die2
to overlap; to superimpose; to telescope; to run together; to duplicate; one over another; superposition; an overlap; redundancy; reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步 to have a stroll)

重峦叠嶂 重巒疊嶂 chong2 luan2 die2 zhang4
range upon range of mountains (idiom)

叠彩 疊彩 die2 cai3
Diecai district of Guilin city 桂林市, Guangxi

叠彩区 疊彩區 die2 cai3 qu1
Diecai district of Guilin city 桂林市, Guangxi

叠层 疊層 die2 ceng2
repeated layers; stratified; laminated; stacked; piled strata

叠层石 疊層石 die2 ceng2 shi2

叠层岩 疊層岩 die2 ceng2 yan2

叠加 疊加 die2 jia1
superposition; layering; overlay

叠罗汉 疊羅漢 die2 luo2 han4
human pyramid

叠纸 疊紙 die2 zhi3
to fold paper; origami

动词重叠 動詞重疊 dong4 ci2 chong2 die2
verb reduplication

堆叠 堆疊 dui1 die2
to pile up; to put layer upon layer

二叠纪 二疊紀 er4 die2 ji4
Permian (geological period 292-250m years ago)

复叠 複叠 fu4 die2
reduplication of words or syllables (as a stylistic device in Chinese)

覆叠 覆疊 fu4 die2
to overlap; to overlay; cascaded (thermodynamic cycle)

积叠 積疊 ji1 die2
to pile up layer upon layer

假词叠词 假詞疊詞 jia3 ci2 die2 ci2

三叠纪 三疊紀 san1 die2 ji4
Triassic (geological period 250-205m years ago)

山峦重叠 山巒重疊 shan1 luan2 chong2 die2
overlapping ranges of high mountains (idiom)

态叠加 態疊加 tai4 die2 jia1
superposition of states (quantum mechanics)

套叠 套疊 tao4 die2
overlapping; nesting; to interleave

折叠 折疊 zhe2 die2
to fold; collapsible; folding (bicycle, antenna, bed etc)

折叠式 折疊式 zhe2 die2 shi4
folding (i.e. portable)

折叠椅 折疊椅 zhe2 die2 yi3
folding chair; deck chair