to suspend; to hang up; to hang a person

a string of 100 cash (arch.); to lament; to condole with; variant of 吊

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
半吊子 半吊子 ban4 diao4 zi5
dabbler; smatterer; tactless and impulsive person

绷巴吊拷 繃巴吊拷 beng4 ba1 diao4 kao3
variant of 繃扒吊拷|绷扒吊拷

绷扒吊拷 繃扒吊拷 beng4 ba1 diao4 kao3
to strip, tie up, hang and beat sb, an ancient torture technique

不要在一棵树上吊死 不要在一棵樹上吊死 bu4 yao4 zai4 yi1 ke1 shu4 shang4 diao4 si3
don't insist on only taking one road to Rome (idiom); there's more than one way to skin a cat

打吊瓶 打吊瓶 da3 diao4 ping2
to put sb on an intravenous drip

打吊针 打吊針 da3 diao4 zhen1
to put sb on an intravenous drip

倒吊蜡烛 倒吊蠟燭 dao4 diao4 la4 zhu2
Wrightia tinctoria (flowering plant in Apocynaceae family, common names dyer's oleander or pala indigo)

吊膀子 吊膀子 diao4 bang4 zi5
to flirt (derog.)

吊车 吊車 diao4 che1
hoist; crane; elevator

吊车尾 吊車尾 diao4 che1 wei3
(coll.) lowest-ranking (student, participant etc); to rank at the bottom of the list; to finish last

吊窗 吊窗 diao4 chuang1
a sash window

吊床 吊床 diao4 chuang2

吊打 吊打 diao4 da3
to hang sb up and beat him

吊带 吊帶 diao4 dai4
suspenders; garters; shoulder strap; brace; sling

吊带背心 吊帶背心 diao4 dai4 bei4 xin1
camisole (women's garment)

吊带衫 吊帶衫 diao4 dai4 shan1
halter top; spaghetti strap top; sun top

吊裆裤 吊襠褲 diao4 dang1 ku4
baggy pants; sagging pants

吊灯 吊燈 diao4 deng1

吊点滴 吊點滴 diao4 dian3 di1
to put sb on an intravenous drip (Tw)

吊斗 吊斗 diao4 dou3
(a container) carried suspended or underslung; cable car bucket

吊儿郎当 吊兒郎當 diao4 er5 lang2 dang1

吊杆 吊杆 diao4 gan1
a boom (i.e. transverse beam for hanging objects)

吊杠 吊槓 diao4 gang4
trapeze (gymnastics)

吊钩 吊鉤 diao4 gou1
suspended hook; hanging hook; hanger

吊古 弔古 diao4 gu3
to revisit the past; to commemorate

吊挂 吊掛 diao4 gua4
to suspend; to hang

吊诡 弔詭 diao4 gui3
bizarre; paradoxical; a paradox (from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

吊诡矜奇 弔詭矜奇 diao4 gui3 jin1 qi2
strange and paradoxical

吊环 吊環 diao4 huan2
rings (gymnastics)

吊祭 弔祭 diao4 ji4
a worship ceremony for the dead; to offer sacrifice (to ancestors); a libation

吊颈 吊頸 diao4 jing3
to hang oneself

吊具 吊具 diao4 ju4
spreader (for pallet, container etc)

吊卷 吊卷 diao4 juan4
to consult the archives

吊客 弔客 diao4 ke4
a visitor offering condolences

吊扣 吊扣 diao4 kou4
to suspend (a licence etc)

吊篮 吊籃 diao4 lan2
hanging basket (for flowers); gondola (of cable car)

吊兰 吊蘭 diao4 lan2
hanging orchid (Chlorophytum comosum); bracket plant

吊楼 吊樓 diao4 lou2
a building supported on pillars projecting over a river; a mountain hut supported on pillars

吊门 吊門 diao4 men2
an overhung door; a door that hinges upwards

吊民伐罪 弔民伐罪 diao4 min2 fa2 zui4
to console the people and punish the tyrant

吊牌 吊牌 diao4 pai2

吊瓶 吊瓶 diao4 ping2
infusion bag or bottle (for an IV)

吊瓶族 吊瓶族 diao4 ping2 zu2
"infusion clan", patients who prefer medication by drip rather than orally or by injection etc

吊铺 吊鋪 diao4 pu4
suspended bunk

吊起 吊起 diao4 qi3
to hoist

吊桥 吊橋 diao4 qiao2
drawbridge; suspension bridge

吊球 吊球 diao4 qiu2
drop shot (in tennis or volleyball)

吊丧 弔喪 diao4 sang1
condolences; a condolence visit

吊嗓子 吊嗓子 diao4 sang3 zi5
voice training (for Chinese opera)

吊扇 吊扇 diao4 shan4
a ceiling fan; a punka

吊审 吊審 diao4 shen3
to bring to trial; to bring to court

吊绳 吊繩 diao4 sheng2

吊死 吊死 diao4 si3
death by hanging; to hang oneself

吊死鬼 吊死鬼 diao4 si3 gui3
ghost of a person who died by hanging; hanged person; (coll.) inchworm; hangman (word game)

吊死问疾 弔死問疾 diao4 si3 wen4 ji2
to grieve for the sick and the dying; to show great concern for people's suffering

吊索 吊索 diao4 suo3
rope tackle hanging from a mast; crow foot (system of ropes through tackle to hold up an awning)

吊塔 吊塔 diao4 ta3
a tower crane

吊梯 吊梯 diao4 ti1
a rope ladder

吊袜带 吊襪帶 diao4 wa4 dai4
suspenders (for stockings)

吊慰 弔慰 diao4 wei4
to offer condolences; to console the bereaved

吊胃口 吊胃口 diao4 wei4 kou3
(coll.) to keep sb in suspense; to tantalize; to keep on tenterhooks

吊文 弔文 diao4 wen2
paper prayers for the dead burnt at funerals

吊线 吊線 diao4 xian4

吊销 吊銷 diao4 xiao1
to suspend (an agreement); to revoke

吊孝 弔孝 diao4 xiao4
a condolence visit

吊盐水 吊鹽水 diao4 yan2 shui3
(dialect) to put sb on an intravenous drip

吊唁 吊唁 diao4 yan4
to offer condolences (for the deceased); to condole

吊唁 弔唁 diao4 yan4
variant of 吊唁

吊运 吊運 diao4 yun4
to transport by crane; to convey

吊钟花 吊鐘花 diao4 zhong1 hua1
Chinese New Year flower (Enkianthus quinqueflorus)

吊装 吊裝 diao4 zhuang1
to construct by hoisting ready-built components into place

吊坠 吊墜 diao4 zhui4
a pendant (jewelry)

吊坠缚 吊墜縛 diao4 zhui4 fu4
strappado bondage

祭吊 祭弔 ji4 diao4
to mourn and offer prayers

开吊 開弔 kai1 diao4
to hold memorial service; to hold a funeral

缆索吊椅 纜索吊椅 lan3 suo3 diao4 yi3

凭吊 憑弔 ping2 diao4
to visit a place for the memories; to pay homage to (the deceased)

上吊 上吊 shang4 diao4
to hang oneself

塔吊 塔吊 ta3 diao4
tower crane

提心吊胆 提心吊膽 ti2 xin1 diao4 dan3
(saying) to be very scared and on edge

拖吊 拖吊 tuo1 diao4
to tow (a car)

拖吊车 拖吊車 tuo1 diao4 che1
tow truck

形影相吊 形影相弔 xing2 ying3 xiang1 diao4
with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom); extremely sad and lonely

一哭二闹三上吊 一哭二鬧三上吊 yi1 ku1 er4 nao4 san1 shang4 diao4
to make a terrible scene (idiom); to throw a tantrum