to frighten; to scare

to scare; to intimidate; to threaten; (interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut; (interjection showing astonishment)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
单方恐吓 單方恐嚇 dan1 fang1 kong3 he4
unilateral threat

恫吓 恫嚇 dong4 he4
to intimidate; to threaten

惊吓 驚嚇 jing1 xia4
to frighten; to horrify; to terrify

恐吓 恐嚇 kong3 he4
to threaten; to menace

杀鸡吓猴 殺雞嚇猴 sha1 ji1 xia4 hou2
lit. killing the chicken to scare the monkey (idiom); to punish an individual as an example to others; pour encourager les autres

威吓 威嚇 wei1 he4
to threaten; to intimidate; to cow

吓倒 嚇倒 xia4 dao3
to be frightened

吓得发抖 嚇得發抖 xia4 de2 fa1 dou3
tremble with fear

吓疯 嚇瘋 xia4 feng1
to be scared senseless

吓唬 嚇唬 xia4 hu5
to scare; to frighten

吓坏 嚇壞 xia4 huai4
to be really frightened

吓昏 嚇昏 xia4 hun1
to faint from fear; to be frightened into fits; shell-shocked

吓跑 嚇跑 xia4 pao3
to scare away

吓破胆 嚇破膽 xia4 po4 dan3
to be scared out of one's wits; to scare stiff

吓傻 嚇傻 xia4 sha3
to terrify; to scare sb

吓吓叫 嚇嚇叫 xia4 xia4 jiao4
(Tw) impressive (from Taiwanese 削削叫, POJ pr. )

吓一跳 嚇一跳 xia4 yi1 tiao4
startled; to frighten; scared out of one's skin