surname Lü

pitchpipe, pitch standard, one of the twelve semitones in the traditional tone system

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
狗咬吕洞宾,不识好人心 狗咬呂洞賓,不識好人心 gou3 yao3 lv3 dong4 bin1 - bu4 shi2 hao3 ren2 xin1
a dog biting Lü Dongbin (idiom); to ill reward a person's kindness

吕贝克 呂貝克 lv3 bei4 ke4
Lübeck, Germany

吕布 呂布 lv3 bu4
Lü Bu (-198), general and warlord

吕布戟 呂布戟 lv3 bu4 ji3
snake halberd

吕不韦 呂不韋 lv3 bu4 wei2
Lü Buwei (?291-235 BC), merchant and politician of the State of Qin 秦國|秦国, subsequent Qin Dynasty 秦代 Chancellor, allegedly the father of Ying Zheng 嬴政, who subsequently became the first emperor Qin Shihuang 秦始皇

吕纯阳 呂純陽 lv3 chun2 yang2
see 呂洞賓|吕洞宾

吕洞宾 呂洞賓 lv3 dong4 bin1
Lü Dongbin (796-), Tang Dynasty scholar, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙

吕览 呂覽 lv3 lan3
"Mr Lü's Annals", same as 呂氏春秋|吕氏春秋

吕梁 呂梁 lv3 liang2
Lüliang prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西

吕梁市 呂梁市 lv3 liang2 shi4
Lüliang prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西

吕蒙 呂蒙 lv3 meng2
Lü Meng (178-219), general of the southern state of Wu

吕塞尔斯海姆 呂塞爾斯海姆 lv3 sai1 er3 si1 hai3 mu3
Rüsselsheim, city in Germany

吕氏春秋 呂氏春秋 lv3 shi4 chun1 qiu1
lit. “Mr. Lü's Spring and Autumn (Annals)”, compendium of the philosophies of the Hundred Schools of Thought 諸子百家|诸子百家, compiled around 239 BC under the patronage of Qin Dynasty 秦代 Chancellor Lü Buwei 呂不韋|吕不韦

吕宋岛 呂宋島 lv3 song4 dao3
Luzon Island, north Philippines

吕宋海峡 呂宋海峽 lv3 song4 hai3 xia2
Luzon Strait between Taiwan and Luzon Island (Philippines)

吕望 呂望 lv3 wang4
see Jiang Ziya 薑子牙|姜子牙

吕岩 呂岩 lv3 yan2
Lü Yan (lived c. 874), Tang dynasty poet

律吕 律呂 lv4 lv3
tuning; temperament

萨尔布吕肯 薩爾布呂肯 sa4 er3 bu4 lv3 ken3
Saarbrücken, capital of Saarland, Germany

泽布吕赫 澤布呂赫 ze2 bu4 lv3 he4
Zeebrugge (port city in Belgium)