to keep; to contain; to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
暗含 暗含 an4 han2
to imply; to suggest; to connote; implicit

包含 包含 bao1 han2
to contain; to embody; to include

饱含 飽含 bao3 han2
to be full of (emotion); to brim with (love, tears etc)

不含糊 不含糊 bu4 han2 hu5
unambiguous; unequivocal; explicit; prudent; cautious; not negligent; unafraid; unhesitating; really good; extraordinary

羹藜含糗 羹藜含糗 geng1 li2 han2 qiu3
nothing but herb soup and dry provisions to eat (idiom); to survive on a coarse diet; à la guerre comme à la guerre

含苞 含苞 han2 bao1
(of a plant) to be in bud

含苞待放 含苞待放 han2 bao1 dai4 fang4
in bud; budding

含钙 含鈣 han2 gai4
containing calcium

含宫咀征 含宮咀徵 han2 gong1 ju3 zheng1
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)

含垢忍辱 含垢忍辱 han2 gou4 ren3 ru3
to bear shame and humiliation (idiom)

含含糊糊 含含糊糊 han2 han2 hu2 hu2
(of speech) obscure; unclear; (of actions) vague; ineffectual

含糊不清 含糊不清 han2 hu2 bu4 qing1
unclear; indistinct; ambiguous

含糊其词 含糊其詞 han2 hu2 qi2 ci2
to equivocate; to talk evasively (idiom)

含胡 含胡 han2 hu5
variant of 含糊

含糊 含糊 han2 hu5
ambiguous; vague; careless; perfunctory

含混 含混 han2 hun4
vague; unclear; ambiguous

含金 含金 han2 jin1
metal bearing (ore); gold bearing

含泪 含淚 han2 lei4
tearful; tearfully

含量 含量 han2 liang4
content; quantity contained

含燐 含燐 han2 lin2

含磷 含磷 han2 lin2
containing phosphate

含片 含片 han2 pian4
lozenge; cough drop

含气 含氣 han2 qi4
containing air

含情脉脉 含情脈脈 han2 qing2 mo4 mo4
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted

含忍耻辱 含忍恥辱 han2 ren3 chi3 ru3
to eat humble pie; to accept humiliation; to turn the other cheek

含沙量 含沙量 han2 sha1 liang4
sand content; quantity of sediment (carried by a river)

含沙射影 含沙射影 han2 sha1 she4 ying3
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom); to make oblique charges; to make insinuations; to insinuate

含山 含山 han2 shan1
Hanshan county in Chaohu 巢湖, Anhui

含山县 含山縣 han2 shan1 xian4
Hanshan county in Chaohu 巢湖, Anhui

含商咀征 含商咀徵 han2 shang1 ju3 zheng1
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)

含水 含水 han2 shui3

含税 含稅 han2 shui4
tax inclusive

含碳 含碳 han2 tan4

含味隽永 含味雋永 han2 wei4 juan4 yong3
fine, lasting flavor (of literature)

含笑 含笑 han2 xiao4
to have a smile on one's face

含辛茹苦 含辛茹苦 han2 xin1 ru2 ku3
to suffer every possible torment (idiom); bitter hardship; to bear one's cross

含羞草 含羞草 han2 xiu1 cao3
mimosa; sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)

含蓄 含蓄 han2 xu4
to contain; to hold; (of a person or style etc) reserved; restrained; (of words, writings) full of hidden meaning; implicit; veiled (criticism)

含义 含義 han2 yi4
meaning (implicit in a phrase); implied meaning; hidden meaning; hint; connotation

含意 含意 han2 yi4

含英咀华 含英咀華 han2 ying1 ju3 hua2
to savor fine writing (idiom)

含油 含油 han2 you2
containing oil; oil-bearing

含油岩 含油岩 han2 you2 yan2
oil bearing rock

含有 含有 han2 you3
to contain; including

含冤 含冤 han2 yuan1
wronged; to suffer false accusations

含蕴 含蘊 han2 yun4
to contain; to hold; content; (of a poem etc) full of implicit meaning

净含量 淨含量 jing4 han2 liang4
net weight

内含体 內含體 nei4 han2 ti3
inclusion bodies

忍辱含垢 忍辱含垢 ren3 ru3 han2 gou4
to eat humble pie; to accept humiliation; to turn the other cheek

茹苦含辛 茹苦含辛 ru2 ku3 han2 xin1
bitter hardship; to bear one's cross

闪含语系 閃含語系 shan3 han2 yu3 xi4
Hamito-Semitic family of languages (incl. Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew etc)

舌下含服 舌下含服 she2 xia4 han2 fu4
sublingual administration (medicine)

血氧含量 血氧含量 xue4 yang3 han2 liang4
blood oxygen level

隐含 隱含 yin3 han2
to contain in a concealed form; to keep covered up; implicit

蕴含 蘊含 yun4 han2
to contain; to accumulate