to present to a superior; memorial; petition; to present (a certain appearance); to assume (a shape); to be (a certain color)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
保呈 保呈 bao3 cheng2
document guaranteeing the words or actions of a third party (old)

呈报 呈報 cheng2 bao4
to (submit a) report

呈递 呈遞 cheng2 di4
to present; to submit

呈给 呈給 cheng2 gei3
to give; to hand

呈贡 呈貢 cheng2 gong4
Chenggong county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan

呈贡县 呈貢縣 cheng2 gong4 xian4
Chenggong county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan

呈请 呈請 cheng2 qing3
to submit (to superiors)

呈送 呈送 cheng2 song4
to present; to render

呈文 呈文 cheng2 wen2
petition (submitted to a superior)

呈献 呈獻 cheng2 xian4
to present respectfully

呈现 呈現 cheng2 xian4
to appear; to emerge; to present (a certain appearance); to demonstrate

呈阳性 呈陽性 cheng2 yang2 xing4
to test positive

辞呈 辭呈 ci2 cheng2
(written) resignation

纷呈 紛呈 fen1 cheng2
brilliant and varied; (often in the combination 精彩纷呈)

龙凤呈祥 龍鳳呈祥 long2 feng4 cheng2 xiang2
the dragon and phoenix are symbols of good fortune (idiom); auspicious; decorated with auspicious symbols such as the dragon and the phoenix

签呈 簽呈 qian1 cheng2
petition (submitted to a superior)