to mutter; to talk indistinctly

to drink; to sip; to taste; to lick; whisper; petty

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
嗫呫 囁呫 nie4 tie4
to whisper

呫毕 呫畢 tie4 bi4
to read aloud; also written 呫嗶|呫哔

呫哔 呫嗶 tie4 bi4
to read aloud

呫嗫 呫囁 tie4 nie4
(onom.) muttering; to whisper; mouthing words

呫嚅 呫嚅 tie4 ru2
to whisper

呫呫 呫呫 tie4 tie4
to whisper

呫吨 呫噸 zhan1 dun1
xanthene (chemistry)

呫吨酮 呫噸酮 zhan1 dun1 tong2
xanthone (chemistry)