crying sound of child

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
顶呱呱 頂呱呱 ding3 gua1 gua1
tip-top; excellent; first-rate

呱呱 呱呱 gua1 gua1
(onom.) sound of frogs, ducks etc

呱呱叫 呱呱叫 gua1 gua1 jiao4
excellent; tip-top

咭咭呱呱 咭咭呱呱 ji1 ji1 gua1 gua1
(onom.) giggling noise

拉呱 拉呱 la1 gua5
(dialect) to chat; to gossip

啦呱 啦呱 la1 gua5
variant of 拉呱