expel breath; my goodness

variant of 啊

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
叱呵 叱呵 chi4 he1
to shout angrily; to yell

打呵欠 打呵欠 da3 he1 qian4
to yawn

呵斥 呵斥 he1 chi4
to berate; to excoriate; to chide; also written 喝斥

呵叱 呵叱 he1 chi4
variant of 呵斥

呵呵 呵呵 he1 he1
(onom.) gentle laughter; chuckle

呵喝 呵喝 he1 he4
to shout loudly; to bellow; to berate

呵护 呵護 he1 hu4
to bless; to cherish; to take good care of; to conserve

呵禁 呵禁 he1 jin4
to berate; to shout loudly

呵谴 呵譴 he1 qian3
to reprimand

呵欠 呵欠 he1 qian4

呵责 呵責 he1 ze2
to abuse; to berate

乐呵呵 樂呵呵 le4 he1 he1
happily; giddily

谴呵 譴呵 qian3 he1
variant of 譴訶|谴诃

一气呵成 一氣呵成 yi1 qi4 he1 cheng2
to do something at one go; to flow smoothly