(old)(interjection expressing disapproval, commiseration etc) tut!; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
阿史那骨咄禄 阿史那骨咄祿 a1 shi3 na4 gu3 duo1 lu4
Ashina Qutlugh, personal name of 頡跌利施可汗|颉跌利施可汗

叱咄 叱咄 chi4 duo1
to reprimand; to berate

咄咄 咄咄 duo1 duo1
to cluck one's tongue; tut-tut

咄咄逼人 咄咄逼人 duo1 duo1 bi1 ren2
overbearing; forceful; aggressive; menacing; imperious

咄咄称奇 咄咄稱奇 duo1 duo1 cheng1 qi2
to cluck one's tongue in wonder

咄咄怪事 咄咄怪事 duo1 duo1 guai4 shi4
strange; absurd; paradoxical; extraordinary