fault; to blame; to punish; calamity; misfortune

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
不咎既往 不咎既往 bu4 jiu4 ji4 wang3
not censure sb for his past misdeeds; overlook sb's past mistakes; let bygones be bygones

动辄得咎 動輒得咎 dong4 zhe2 de2 jiu4
faulted at every turn (idiom); can't get anything right

归咎 歸咎 gui1 jiu4
to put the blame on; to accuse

既往不咎 既往不咎 ji4 wang3 bu4 jiu4
to forget and not bear recriminations (idiom); to let bygones be bygones; There is no point in crying over spilt milk.

咎有应得 咎有應得 jiu4 you3 ying1 de2
to deserve what one gets (punishment, mishap etc) (idiom)

难辞其咎 難辭其咎 nan2 ci2 qi2 jiu4
cannot escape censure (idiom); has to bear the blame

任咎 任咎 ren4 jiu4
to take the blame

引咎 引咎 yin3 jiu4
to take the blame; to accept responsibility (for a mistake)

引咎辞职 引咎辭職 yin3 jiu4 ci2 zhi2
to admit responsibility and resign

自取其咎 自取其咎 zi4 qu3 qi2 jiu4
to have only oneself to blame (idiom); to bring trouble through one's own actions