variant of 咒

incantation; magic spell; curse; malediction; to revile; to put a curse on sb

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
大悲咒 大悲咒 da4 bei1 zhou4
the Great Compassion Mantra

赌咒 賭咒 du3 zhou4
to swear to God; to cross one's heart

赌咒发誓 賭咒發誓 du3 zhou4 fa1 shi4
to vow

符咒 符咒 fu2 zhou4
charm; amulet (religious object conferring blessing)

紧箍咒 緊箍咒 jin3 gu1 zhou4
the Band-tightening Spell (in 西遊記|西游记); a spell or incantation for controlling sb

魔咒 魔咒 mo2 zhou4
(magical) spell; curse

念咒 念咒 nian4 zhou4
to chant a magic spell; to recite incantations

咒骂 咒罵 zhou4 ma4
to damn; to curse; to revile

咒文 咒文 zhou4 wen2
incantation; spell; to curse

咒语 咒語 zhou4 yu3
incantation; spell; enchantment; curse

咒诅 咒詛 zhou4 zu3
to curse; to revile

诅咒 詛咒 zu3 zhou4
to curse