(onom.) for the sound of a bird, an empty stomach etc

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
戳咕 戳咕 chuo1 gu1
to stir up behind sb's back; to incite secretly

搭咕 搭咕 da1 gu1
to connect; to discuss

嘀咕 嘀咕 di2 gu5
to mutter; to feel apprehensive

犯嘀咕 犯嘀咕 fan4 di2 gu5
to hesitate; to have second thoughts; to be concerned; to brood (over sth); to complain

咕咚 咕咚 gu1 dong1
splash; (onom.) for heavy things falling down

咕咕叫 咕咕叫 gu1 gu1 jiao4
sound made by an empty stomach

咕唧 咕唧 gu1 ji1
to whisper; to mutter

咕咾肉 咕咾肉 gu1 lao3 rou4
sweet and sour meat (pork)

咕噜肉 咕嚕肉 gu1 lu1 rou4
sweet and sour meat (pork)

咕噜 咕嚕 gu1 lu5
(onom.) to rumble (of a stomach); to coo (of a dove); rumbling; noisy drinking sound

咕哝 咕噥 gu1 nong5
to murmur; to mumble; to grumble; to mutter

咕攘 咕攘 gu1 rang5
to wriggle about; to move around

黑咕隆咚 黑咕隆咚 hei1 gu5 long1 dong1
pitch-black; pitch-dark

唧咕 唧咕 ji1 gu5
(onom.) whisper

叽哩咕噜 嘰哩咕嚕 ji1 li5 gu1 lu1
(onom.) to jabber; to rumble

叽里咕噜 嘰里咕嚕 ji1 li5 gu1 lu1
see 嘰哩咕嚕|叽哩咕噜

挤咕 擠咕 ji3 gu1
to wink at

乱咕攘 亂咕攘 luan4 gu1 rang5
to disturb (dialect)

呛咕 嗆咕 qiang1 gu5
to discuss (dialect)

掖咕 掖咕 ye1 gu5
to toss aside; to misplace