to consult

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
国际电报电话咨询委员会 國際電報電話咨詢委員會 guo2 ji4 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 zi1 xun2 wei3 yuan2 hui4
International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)

殊域周咨录 殊域周咨錄 shu1 yu4 zhou1 zi1 lu4
Ming dynasty record (1574) of exploration and foreign relations

咨嗟 咨嗟 zi1 jie1
to gasp (in admiration); to sigh

咨客 咨客 zi1 ke4

咨文 咨文 zi1 wen2
official communication (between gov. offices of equal rank); report delivered by the head of gov. on affairs of state

咨询 咨詢 zi1 xun2
to consult; to seek advice; consultation; (sales) inquiry (formal)