sound of sighing


strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
百日咳 百日咳 bai3 ri4 ke2
whooping cough; pertussis

北京咳 北京咳 bei3 jing1 ke2
"Beijing cough", respiratory problems caused by dry and polluted Beijing air, typically experienced by non-acclimated foreigners who would otherwise have no such problems

咳呛 咳嗆 ke2 qiang4
(dialect) to cough

咳嗽 咳嗽 ke2 sou5
to cough

咳痰 咳痰 ke2 tan2
to cough up phlegm; to expectorate

镇咳 鎮咳 zhen4 ke2
cough suppressant

止咳 止咳 zhi3 ke2
to suppress coughing

止咳糖浆 止咳糖漿 zhi3 ke2 tang2 jiang1
cough suppressant syrup; cough mixture