roar of laughter (onom.); hubbub; to roar (as a crowd)

to deceive; to coax; to amuse (a child)

variant of 鬨|哄

tumult; uproar; commotion; disturbance

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
打哄 打哄 da3 hong3
to fool around; to kid around

哄动 哄動 hong1 dong4
variant of 轟動|轰动

哄动一时 哄動一時 hong1 dong4 yi1 shi2
variant of 轟動一時|轰动一时

哄抢 哄搶 hong1 qiang3

哄然 哄然 hong1 ran2
boisterous; uproarious

哄抬 哄抬 hong1 tai2
to artificially inflate; to bid up (the price)

哄堂大笑 哄堂大笑 hong1 tang2 da4 xiao4
the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)

哄笑 哄笑 hong1 xiao4
to roar with laughter; hoots of laughter; guffaw

哄瞒 哄瞞 hong3 man2
to deceive

哄骗 哄騙 hong3 pian4
to deceive; to cheat

哄劝 哄勸 hong3 quan4
to coax

哄诱 哄誘 hong3 you4
to coax; to induce

连哄带骗 連哄帶騙 lian2 hong1 dai4 pian4
to cajole; to sweet talk sb into doing sth

乱哄哄 亂哄哄 luan4 hong1 hong1
noisy and in disarray; in an uproar

瞒哄 瞞哄 man2 hong3
to deceive; to cheat (sb)

蒙哄 蒙哄 meng2 hong3
to deceive; to cheat

闹哄哄 鬧哄哄 nao4 hong1 hong1
clamorous; noisy; sensational; very exciting

内哄 內鬨 nei4 hong4
variant of 內訌|内讧

欺哄 欺哄 qi1 hong3
to dupe; to deceive

起哄 起鬨 qi3 hong4
to heckle; rowdy jeering; to create a disturbance

一哄而起 一哄而起 yi1 hong1 er2 qi3
(of a group of people) to rush into action

一哄而散 一哄而散 yi1 hong1 er2 san4
to disperse in confusion (idiom)

一哄而散 一鬨而散 yi1 hong4 er2 san4
see 一哄而散

赚哄 賺哄 zhuan4 hong3
to cheat; to hoodwink; to defraud