echo; sound; noise; to make a sound; to sound; to ring; loud; classifier for noises

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
半瓶水响叮当 半瓶水響叮噹 ban4 ping2 shui3 xiang3 ding1 dang1
lit. if you tap a half-empty bottle it makes a sound (idiom); fig. empty vessels make the most noise; one who has a little knowledge likes to show off, but one who is truly knowledgeable is modest

半响 半響 ban4 xiang3
half the day; a long time; quite a while

不声不响 不聲不響 bu4 sheng1 bu4 xiang3
wordless and silent (idiom); without speaking; taciturn

不同凡响 不同凡響 bu4 tong2 fan2 xiang3
lit. not a common chord (idiom); outstanding; brilliant; out of the common run

打响 打響 da3 xiang3
to start shooting or firing; to win an initial success; to succeed (of a plan)

打响鼻儿 打響鼻兒 da3 xiang3 bi2 er5
(of a horse etc) to snort

打响名号 打響名號 da3 xiang3 ming2 hao4
to become well-known

叮当响 叮噹響 ding1 dang1 xiang3
(onom.) ding dong; jingling of bells; clanking sound

嘟嘟响 嘟嘟響 du1 du1 xiang3
(onom.) toot; honk; beeping; tooting noise

恶劣影响 惡劣影響 e4 lie4 ying3 xiang3
evil influence

凡响 凡響 fan2 xiang3
ordinary tones; everyday harmony; common chord

反响 反響 fan3 xiang3
repercussions; reaction; echo

广泛影响 廣泛影響 guang3 fan4 ying3 xiang3
wide ranging influence

环境影响 環境影響 huan2 jing4 ying3 xiang3
environmental impact

环境影响评估 環境影響評估 huan2 jing4 ying3 xiang3 ping2 gu1
environmental impact assessment EIA; abbr. to 環評|环评

黄腰响蜜䴕 黃腰響蜜鴷 huang2 yao1 xiang3 mi4 lie4
(bird species of China) yellow-rumped honeyguide (Indicator xanthonotus)

回响 迴響 hui2 xiang3
to echo; to reverberate; to respond; echo; response; reaction

回响 回響 hui2 xiang3
variant of 迴響|回响

交响 交響 jiao1 xiang3
symphony, symphonic

交响金属 交響金屬 jiao1 xiang3 jin1 shu3
symphonic metal (pop music); heavy metal with symphonic pretensions

交响曲 交響曲 jiao1 xiang3 qu3

交响乐 交響樂 jiao1 xiang3 yue4

交响乐队 交響樂隊 jiao1 xiang3 yue4 dui4
symphony orchestra

交响乐团 交響樂團 jiao1 xiang3 yue4 tuan2
symphony orchestra

叫响 叫響 jiao4 xiang3
to gain fame and success

巨大影响 巨大影響 ju4 da4 ying3 xiang3
huge influence

巨响 巨響 ju4 xiang3
loud sound

闷声不响 悶聲不響 men1 sheng1 bu4 xiang3
to keep silent

炮响 砲響 pao4 xiang3
sound of gunfire; fig. news of momentous events

敲响 敲響 qiao1 xiang3
to sound a bell; to raise the alarm

声响 聲響 sheng1 xiang3
sound; noise

受到影响 受到影響 shou4 dao4 ying3 xiang3
affected (usually adversely); to suffer

嗣响 嗣響 si4 xiang3
lit. a following echo; fig. to continue (a tradition)

未受影响 未受影響 wei4 shou4 ying3 xiang3
unaffected; not inconvenienced

弦外之响 弦外之響 xian2 wai4 zhi1 xiang3
see 弦外之音

响板 響板 xiang3 ban3
castanets (music)

响遍 響遍 xiang3 bian4
to resound (all over the place)

响彻 響徹 xiang3 che4
to resound; to resonate

响当当 響噹噹 xiang3 dang1 dang1
resounding; loud; well known; famous

响叮当 響叮噹 xiang3 ding1 dang1
to tinkle; to jingle; to clank

响雷 響雷 xiang3 lei2
to be thundering; thunder clap

响亮 響亮 xiang3 liang4
loud and clear; resounding

响器 響器 xiang3 qi4
percussion instrument

响声 響聲 xiang3 sheng1

响水 響水 xiang3 shui3
Xiangshui county in Yancheng 鹽城|盐城, Jiangsu

响水县 響水縣 xiang3 shui3 xian4
Xiangshui county in Yancheng 鹽城|盐城, Jiangsu

响头 響頭 xiang3 tou2
to bump one's head; to kowtow with head-banging on the ground

响尾蛇 響尾蛇 xiang3 wei3 she2

响音 響音 xiang3 yin1

响应 響應 xiang3 ying4
to respond to; answer

响应时间 響應時間 xiang3 ying4 shi2 jian1
response time

袖珍音响 袖珍音響 xiu4 zhen1 yin1 xiang3
pocket stereo; walkman

一个巴掌拍不响 一個巴掌拍不響 yi1 ge5 ba1 zhang3 pai1 bu4 xiang3
lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb); fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute; it takes two to tango; it's difficult to achieve anything without support

一炮打响 一炮打響 yi1 pao4 da3 xiang3
to win instant success (idiom); to start off successfully

一声不响 一聲不響 yi1 sheng1 bu4 xiang3
to keep totally silent; noiselessly

音响 音響 yin1 xiang3
sound; acoustics; audio; hi-fi system; stereo sound system; abbr. for 組合音響|组合音响

音响设备 音響設備 yin1 xiang3 she4 bei4
sound equipment; stereo

音响效果 音響效果 yin1 xiang3 xiao4 guo3
sound effects

音响组合 音響組合 yin1 xiang3 zu3 he2
stereo system

影响 影響 ying3 xiang3
influence; effect; to influence; to affect (usually adversely); to disturb

影响层面 影響層面 ying3 xiang3 ceng2 mian4
impact; effect

影响力 影響力 ying3 xiang3 li4
influence; impact

影响面 影響面 ying3 xiang3 mian4
reach of influence; affected area

有影响 有影響 you3 ying3 xiang3

余响绕梁 餘響繞梁 yu2 xiang3 rao4 liang2
reverberates around the rafters (idiom); fig. sonorous and resounding (esp. of singing voice)

震天价响 震天價響 zhen4 tian1 ga5 xiang3
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)

震响 震響 zhen4 xiang3
trembling sound; vibration

组合音响 組合音響 zu3 he2 yin1 xiang3
hi-fi system; stereo sound system; abbr. to 音響|音响