crashing sound

cat-calling sound; clamor; noise

variant of 嘩|哗

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
哗哗 嘩嘩 hua1 hua1
sound of gurgling water

哗啦 嘩啦 hua1 la1
(onom.) sound of a crash; with a crash

哗啦啦 嘩啦啦 hua1 la1 la1
(onom.) crashing sound

哗啦一声 嘩啦一聲 hua1 la1 yi1 sheng1
with a crash; with a thunderous noise

哗变 嘩變 hua2 bian4
mutiny; rebellion

哗啦 嘩啦 hua2 la5
to collapse

哗然 嘩然 hua2 ran2
in uproar; commotion; causing a storm of protest; tumultuous

哗然 譁然 hua2 ran2
variant of 嘩然|哗然

哗笑 嘩笑 hua2 xiao4
uproarious laughter

哗众取宠 嘩眾取寵 hua2 zhong4 qu3 chong3
sensationalism; vulgar claptrap to please the crowds; playing to the gallery; demagogy

唏哩哗啦 唏哩嘩啦 xi1 li1 hua1 la1
(onom.) clatter (of mahjong tiles etc)

稀里哗啦 稀裡嘩啦 xi1 li5 hua1 la1
(onom.) rustling sound; sound of rain or of sth falling down; in disorder; completely smashed; badly battered; broken to pieces

喧哗 喧嘩 xuan1 hua2
hubbub; clamor; to make a racket

喧哗与骚动 喧嘩與騷動 xuan1 hua2 yu3 sao1 dong4
The Sound and the Fury (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳)