to cry; to weep

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
哀哭 哀哭 ai1 ku1
to weep in sorrow

哀哭切齿 哀哭切齒 ai1 ku1 qie4 chi3
weeping and gnashing one's teeth (idiom)

爱哭鬼 愛哭鬼 ai4 ku1 gui3

抱头痛哭 抱頭痛哭 bao4 tou2 tong4 ku1
to weep disconsolately; to cry on each other's shoulder

悲歌当哭 悲歌當哭 bei1 ge1 dang4 ku1
to sing instead of weep (idiom)

大哭 大哭 da4 ku1
to cry loudly

放声大哭 放聲大哭 fang4 sheng1 da4 ku1
to burst into tears; to sob loudly; to bawl

鬼哭狼嗥 鬼哭狼嗥 gui3 ku1 lang2 hao2
variant of 鬼哭狼嚎

鬼哭狼嚎 鬼哭狼嚎 gui3 ku1 lang2 hao2
to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves (idiom)

号哭 號哭 hao2 ku1
to bawl; to wail; to cry

嚎哭 嚎哭 hao2 ku1
to bawl; to cry; to wail; to howl; also written 號哭|号哭

嚎啕大哭 嚎啕大哭 hao2 tao2 da4 ku1
to wail; to bawl (idiom)

尖声啼哭 尖聲啼哭 jian1 sheng1 ti2 ku1

哭鼻子 哭鼻子 ku1 bi2 zi5
to snivel (usually humorous)

哭得死去活来 哭得死去活來 ku1 de5 si3 qu4 huo2 lai2
to cry one's heart out

哭喊 哭喊 ku1 han3
to wail

哭哭啼啼 哭哭啼啼 ku1 ku5 ti2 ti2
to weep endlessly; interminable wailing

哭脸 哭臉 ku1 lian3
to weep; to snivel

哭灵 哭靈 ku1 ling2
to weep before a coffin or a memorial to the dead

哭泣 哭泣 ku1 qi4
to weep

哭腔 哭腔 ku1 qiang1
sobbing tone; sob; dirge; opera tune portraying mourning

哭墙 哭牆 ku1 qiang2
Wailing Wall, or Western Wall (Jerusalem)

哭穷 哭窮 ku1 qiong2
to bewail one's poverty; to complain about being hard up; to pretend to be poor

哭秋风 哭秋風 ku1 qiu1 feng1
autumnal sadness

哭丧 哭喪 ku1 sang1
to wail at a funeral; formal wailing while offering sacrifice to the departed

哭丧棒 哭喪棒 ku1 sang1 bang4
mourning staff draped in white, held at a funeral to show filial piety

哭丧脸 哭喪臉 ku1 sang5 lian3
to pull a long face; sullen; also written 哭喪著臉|哭丧着脸

哭丧着脸 哭喪著臉 ku1 sang5 zhe5 lian3
sullen; to scowl miserably

哭声 哭聲 ku1 sheng1
sound of weeping

哭声震天 哭聲震天 ku1 sheng1 zhen4 tian1
lit. cries of grief shake the heavens; great sorrow (idiom)

哭诉 哭訴 ku1 su4
to lament; to complain tearfully; to wail accusingly

哭天抹泪 哭天抹淚 ku1 tian1 mo3 lei4
to wail and whine; piteous weeping

哭笑不得 哭笑不得 ku1 xiao4 bu4 de2
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); both funny and extremely embarrassing; between laughter and tears

狼号鬼哭 狼號鬼哭 lang2 hao2 gui3 ku1
lit. wolves howling, devils groaning (idiom); pathetic screams

猫哭耗子 貓哭耗子 mao1 ku1 hao4 zi5
the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom); hypocritical pretence of condolence; crocodile tears

猫哭老鼠 貓哭老鼠 mao1 ku1 lao3 shu3
the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom); hypocritical pretence of condolence; crocodile tears

啼哭 啼哭 ti2 ku1
to cry; to wail

同声一哭 同聲一哭 tong2 sheng1 yi1 ku1
to share one's feeling of grief with others (idiom)

痛哭 痛哭 tong4 ku1
to cry bitterly

痛哭流涕 痛哭流涕 tong4 ku1 liu2 ti4
weeping bitter tears

眼皮哭肿 眼皮哭腫 yan3 pi2 ku1 zhong3
to have eyelids swollen from crying; very unhappy (idiom)

一哭二闹三上吊 一哭二鬧三上吊 yi1 ku1 er4 nao4 san1 shang4 diao4
to make a terrible scene (idiom); to throw a tantrum