to extend condolences

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
电唁 電唁 dian4 yan4
a telegraph condolence; to send a message of condolence by telegram

吊唁 弔唁 diao4 yan4
variant of 吊唁

吊唁 吊唁 diao4 yan4
to offer condolences (for the deceased); to condole

慰唁 慰唁 wei4 yan4
to console

唁电 唁電 yan4 dian4
a telegram of condolence

唁函 唁函 yan4 han2
a message of condolence

唁劳 唁勞 yan4 lao2
to offer condolences; Taiwan pr.

唁信 唁信 yan4 xin4
a letter of condolence