to sell; to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
标售 標售 biao1 shou4
to sell by tender

超售 超售 chao1 shou4

出售 出售 chu1 shou4
to sell; to offer for sale; to put on the market

兜售 兜售 dou1 shou4
to hawk; to peddle

趸售 躉售 dun3 shou4
to sell wholesale

发售 發售 fa1 shou4
to sell

贩售 販售 fan4 shou4
to sell

寄售 寄售 ji4 shou4
sale on consignment

酒酸不售 酒酸不售 jiu3 suan1 bu4 shou4
"The wine´s gone bad and it cannot be sold"

军售 軍售 jun1 shou4
arms sales

亏本出售 虧本出售 kui1 ben3 chu1 shou4
to sell at a loss

零售 零售 ling2 shou4
to retail; to sell individually or in small quantities

零售店 零售店 ling2 shou4 dian4
shop; retail store

零售商 零售商 ling2 shou4 shang1
retailer; shopkeeper; retail merchant

抛售 拋售 pao1 shou4
to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)

配售 配售 pei4 shou4
to ration merchandise (esp. food in times of shortages)

售后服务 售後服務 shou4 hou4 fu2 wu4
after-sales service

售货 售貨 shou4 huo4
to sell goods

售货台 售貨臺 shou4 huo4 tai2
vendor's stall

售货员 售貨員 shou4 huo4 yuan2

售价 售價 shou4 jia4
selling price

售卖 售賣 shou4 mai4
to sell

售票处 售票處 shou4 piao4 chu4
ticket office

售票大厅 售票大廳 shou4 piao4 da4 ting1
ticket office

售票口 售票口 shou4 piao4 kou3
ticket window

售票员 售票員 shou4 piao4 yuan2
ticket seller

售罄 售罄 shou4 qing4
to be completely sold out; to sell out

售完 售完 shou4 wan2
to sell out

售完即止 售完即止 shou4 wan2 ji2 zhi3
while stocks last; subject to availability

私售 私售 si1 shou4
see 私賣|私卖

司售人员 司售人員 si1 shou4 ren2 yuan2
bus crew; driver and conductor

摊售 攤售 tan1 shou4
to set up stall

无人售票 無人售票 wu2 ren2 shou4 piao4
self-service ticketing; automated ticketing

销售 銷售 xiao1 shou4
to sell; to market; sales (representative, agreement etc)

销售点 銷售點 xiao1 shou4 dian3
point of sale (POS); checkout; retail outlet

销售额 銷售額 xiao1 shou4 e2
sales figure; total income from sales; turnover

销售时点 銷售時點 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3
point of sale

销售时点情报系统 銷售時點情報系統 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3 qing2 bao4 xi4 tong3
point of sale system

预售 預售 yu4 shou4
advance sale; to sell in advance; to book

制售 製售 zhi4 shou4
to manufacture and sell

自动售货机 自動售貨機 zi4 dong4 shou4 huo4 ji1
vending machine