to sing; to call loudly; to chant

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
伴唱 伴唱 ban4 chang4
vocal accompaniment; to accompany a singer; to support of sb; to echo sb; to chime in with sb

彼唱此和 彼唱此和 bi3 chang4 ci3 he2
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement

唱K 唱K chang4 -
(slang) to sing karaoke

唱白脸 唱白臉 chang4 bai2 lian3
to play the role of the villain (idiom)

唱本 唱本 chang4 ben3
opera libretto

唱臂 唱臂 chang4 bi4
tone-arm (tracking arm of gramophone)

唱碟 唱碟 chang4 die2
gramophone record; LP

唱段 唱段 chang4 duan4
aria (in opera)

唱对台戏 唱對臺戲 chang4 dui4 tai2 xi4
to put on a rival show (idiom); to set oneself up against sb; to get into confrontation

唱法 唱法 chang4 fa3
singing style; singing method

唱反调 唱反調 chang4 fan3 diao4
to express a different view; to take a different position

唱高调 唱高調 chang4 gao1 diao4
to sing the high part; to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)

唱高调儿 唱高調兒 chang4 gao1 diao4 er5
erhua variant of 唱高調|唱高调

唱歌 唱歌 chang4 ge1
to sing a song

唱功 唱功 chang4 gong1
singing skill

唱和 唱和 chang4 he4
antiphon (i.e. solo voice answered by chorus); sung reply (in agreement with first voice); to reply with a poem in the same rhythm

唱黑脸 唱黑臉 chang4 hei1 lian3
to play the role of the strict parent (or superior etc)

唱红脸 唱紅臉 chang4 hong2 lian3
to play the role of the hero (idiom); to play the good cop

唱机 唱機 chang4 ji1

唱空城计 唱空城計 chang4 kong1 cheng2 ji4
lit. to sing “The Empty City Stratagem” (idiom); fig. to put up a bluff to conceal one's weakness; (jocularly) (of a place etc) to be empty; (of one's stomach) to be rumbling

唱名 唱名 chang4 ming2

唱念 唱念 chang4 nian4
to recite loudly; to sing out

唱喏 唱喏 chang4 nuo4
to answer respectfully "yes"

唱盘 唱盤 chang4 pan2
turntable; gramophone record

唱片 唱片 chang4 pian4
gramophone record; LP

唱票 唱票 chang4 piao4
to read ballot slips out loud

唱腔 唱腔 chang4 qiang1
vocal music (in opera); aria

唱曲 唱曲 chang4 qu3
to sing a song

唱喏 唱喏 chang4 re3
(old) to bow and utter polite phrases; to open the way (for a dignitary etc)

唱商 唱商 chang4 shang1
one's ability to give a convincing performance of a song

唱诗班 唱詩班 chang4 shi1 ban1

唱双簧 唱雙簧 chang4 shuang1 huang2
lit. to sing a duet; fig. to collaborate with sb; also used satirically: to play second fiddle to

唱头 唱頭 chang4 tou2
pickup (carrying gramophone needle)

唱戏 唱戲 chang4 xi4
to perform in opera

唱针 唱針 chang4 zhen1
stylus (gramophone needle)

传唱 傳唱 chuan2 chang4
to pass on a song

大合唱 大合唱 da4 he2 chang4
cantata; chorus

电唱 電唱 dian4 chang4
gramophone; record player

电唱机 電唱機 dian4 chang4 ji1
gramophone; record player

电唱盘 電唱盤 dian4 chang4 pan2
gramophone; record player

独唱 獨唱 du2 chang4
(in singing) solo; to solo

对唱 對唱 dui4 chang4
in duet; answering phrase; antiphonal answer

二重唱 二重唱 er4 chong2 chang4

翻唱 翻唱 fan1 chang4
cover song; to cover a song

夫唱妇随 夫唱婦隨 fu1 chang4 fu4 sui2
fig. the man sings and the woman follows; fig. marital harmony

高唱 高唱 gao1 chang4
to sing loudly; fig. to mouth slogans

高唱入云 高唱入雲 gao1 chang4 ru4 yun2
loud songs reaches the clouds (idiom); fig. to praise to the skies

歌唱 歌唱 ge1 chang4
to sing

歌唱家 歌唱家 ge1 chang4 jia1

歌唱赛 歌唱賽 ge1 chang4 sai4
song contest

合唱 合唱 he2 chang4
chorus; to chorus

合唱团 合唱團 he2 chang4 tuan2
chorus; choir

哼唱 哼唱 heng1 chang4
to hum; to croon

环球唱片 環球唱片 huan2 qiu2 chang4 pian4
Universal Records

黄河大合唱 黃河大合唱 huang2 he2 da4 he2 chang4
Yellow River Cantata (1939) by Xian Xinghai 冼星海

激光唱片 激光唱片 ji1 guang1 chang4 pian4
compact disk; CD

假唱 假唱 jia3 chang4
to lip-sync (singing)

假戏真唱 假戲真唱 jia3 xi4 zhen1 chang4
fiction comes true; play-acting that turns into reality

绝唱 絕唱 jue2 chang4
most perfect song

领唱 領唱 ling3 chang4
to lead a chorus; choirmaster; leading singer

轮唱 輪唱 lun2 chang4
round (music); canon

美声唱法 美聲唱法 mei3 sheng1 chang4 fa3
bel canto

拟声唱法 擬聲唱法 ni3 sheng1 chang4 fa3
scat singing

欧洲歌唱大赛 歐洲歌唱大賽 ou1 zhou1 ge1 chang4 da4 sai4
Eurovision Song Contest

陪唱女 陪唱女 pei2 chang4 nv3
KTV hostess

陪唱小姐 陪唱小姐 pei2 chang4 xiao3 jie5
KTV hostess

签唱会 簽唱會 qian1 chang4 hui4
(of a singer) autograph session; record signing event

清唱 清唱 qing1 chang4
to sing opera music (without staging or make up)

说唱 說唱 shuo1 chang4
speaking and singing, as in various forms of storytelling such as 彈詞|弹词 and 相聲|相声; (music) rapping

弹唱 彈唱 tan2 chang4
to sing and play (plucked string instrument)

无伴奏合唱 無伴奏合唱 wu2 ban4 zou4 he2 chang4
a cappella (music)

演唱 演唱 yan3 chang4
sung performance; to sing for an audience

演唱会 演唱會 yan3 chang4 hui4
vocal recital or concert

一唱三叹 一唱三嘆 yi1 chang4 san1 tan4
see 一倡三歎|一倡三叹

一唱一和 一唱一和 yi1 chang4 yi1 he4
to echo one another (idiom)

吟唱 吟唱 yin2 chang4
to chant; to recite

自动点唱机 自動點唱機 zi4 dong4 dian3 chang4 ji1
jukebox; nickelodeon