Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BC); surname Shang

commerce; merchant; dealer; to consult; 2nd note in pentatonic scale; quotient (as in 智商, intelligence quotient)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
百货商店 百貨商店 bai3 huo4 shang1 dian4
department store

便利商店 便利商店 bian4 li4 shang1 dian4
convenience store; also name of pop group, series of computer games etc

采购商 採購商 cai3 gou4 shang1

差商 差商 cha1 shang1
(math.) difference quotient; divided difference; finite difference

厂商 廠商 chang3 shang1
manufacturer; producer

唱商 唱商 chang4 shang1
one's ability to give a convincing performance of a song

超商 超商 chao1 shang1
convenience store; supermarket

承包商 承包商 cheng2 bao1 shang1

承销商 承銷商 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
underwriting company; dealership; sales agency

筹商 籌商 chou2 shang1
to discuss (a plan); to negotiate (an outcome)

出版商 出版商 chu1 ban3 shang1

出口商 出口商 chu1 kou3 shang1
exporter; export business

出口商品 出口商品 chu1 kou3 shang1 pin3
export product; export goods

磋商 磋商 cuo1 shang1
to consult; to discuss seriously; to negotiate; to confer; negotiations; consultations

代理商 代理商 dai4 li3 shang1

电子商务 電子商務 dian4 zi3 shang1 wu4

发展商 發展商 fa1 zhan3 shang1
(real estate etc) developer

法商 法商 fa3 shang1
"legal quotient" (LQ), a measure of one's awareness and knowledge of the law and one's standard of honorable conduct

分销商 分銷商 fen1 xiao1 shang1

服务提供商 服務提供商 fu2 wu4 ti2 gong1 shang1
(Internet) service provider

富商 富商 fu4 shang1
rich merchant

富商大贾 富商大賈 fu4 shang1 da4 gu3
tycoon; magnate

富商巨贾 富商巨賈 fu4 shang1 ju4 gu3
tycoon; magnate

供货商 供貨商 gong1 huo4 shang1
supplier; vendor

工商 工商 gong1 shang1
industry and commerce

工商管理硕士 工商管理碩士 gong1 shang1 guan3 li3 shuo4 shi4
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

工商界 工商界 gong1 shang1 jie4
industry; the world of business

宫商角徵羽 宮商角徵羽 gong1 shang1 jue2 zhi3 yu3
pre-Tang names of the five notes of the pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la

工商业 工商業 gong1 shang1 ye4

工商银行 工商銀行 gong1 shang1 yin2 hang2
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

供销商 供銷商 gong1 xiao1 shang1
distribution business; supplier

供应商 供應商 gong1 ying4 shang1

共商 共商 gong4 shang1
to jointly discuss; to discuss together (business)

共商大计 共商大計 gong4 shang1 da4 ji4
to discuss matters of vital importance

广告商 廣告商 guang3 gao4 shang1
advertising company

国际商会 國際商會 guo2 ji4 shang1 hui4
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

国际商业机器 國際商業機器 guo2 ji4 shang1 ye4 ji1 qi4
International Business Machines; IBM

含商咀征 含商咀徵 han2 shang1 ju3 zheng1
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)

行商 行商 hang2 shang1
traveling salesman; itinerant trader; hawker; peddler

花商 花商 hua1 shang1

华商报 華商報 hua2 shang1 bao4
China Business News (newspaper)

华商晨报 華商晨報 hua2 shang1 chen2 bao4
China Business Morning Post (morning edition of China Business News 華商報|华商报)

会商 會商 hui4 shang1
to confer; to consult; to negotiate; to hold a conference

货商场 貨商場 huo4 shang1 chang3
department store

奸商 奸商 jian1 shang1
unscrupulous businessman; profiteer; shark; dishonest business

建商 建商 jian4 shang1
construction company; housebuilder

进口商 進口商 jin4 kou3 shang1
importer; import business

经商 經商 jing1 shang1
to trade; to carry out commercial activities; in business

经销商 經銷商 jing1 xiao1 shang1
dealer; seller; distributor; broker; agency; franchise (i.e. company); retail outlet

开发商 開發商 kai1 fa1 shang1
developer (of real estate, a commercial product etc)

李商隐 李商隱 li3 shang1 yin3
Li Shangyin (c. 813-858), Tang poet

连锁商店 連鎖商店 lian2 suo3 shang1 dian4
chain store

零售商 零售商 ling2 shou4 shang1
retailer; shopkeeper; retail merchant

密商 密商 mi4 shang1
to negotiate in secret; confidential discussions

南洋商报 南洋商報 nan2 yang2 shang1 bao4
Nanyang Siang Pau (Malay's oldest newspaper)

拍卖商 拍賣商 pai1 mai4 shang1
auctioneer; auction house

批发商 批發商 pi1 fa1 shang1
a wholesale business; distributor

皮革商 皮革商 pi2 ge2 shang1
fellmonger; a dealer who works with animal hides and skins

弃农经商 棄農經商 qi4 nong2 jing1 shang1
to abandon farming and become a businessman (idiom)

洽商 洽商 qia4 shang1
to negotiate; to talk over

情趣商店 情趣商店 qing2 qu4 shang1 dian4
adult shop

情商 情商 qing2 shang1
emotional quotient (EQ); emotional IQ; abbr. for 情緒商數|情绪商数

情绪商数 情緒商數 qing2 xu4 shang1 shu4
emotional quotient (EQ); emotional IQ

情绪智商 情緒智商 qing2 xu4 zhi4 shang1
emotional intelligence (EQ)

券商 券商 quan4 shang1
securities dealer; share broker

认罪协商 認罪協商 ren4 zui4 xie2 shang1
plea bargain

肉商 肉商 rou4 shang1
meat merchant; butcher

商办 商辦 shang1 ban4
to consult and act upon; privately run; commercial

商报 商報 shang1 bao4
business newspaper

商标 商標 shang1 biao1
trademark; logo

商飙徐起 商飆徐起 shang1 biao1 xu2 qi3
the autumn breeze comes gently (idiom)

商埠 商埠 shang1 bu4
commercial port; trading port; treaty port (old)

商场 商場 shang1 chang3
shopping mall; shopping center; department store; emporium; the business world

商朝 商朝 shang1 chao2
Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BC)

商城 商城 shang1 cheng2
see 商城縣|商城县

商城 商城 shang1 cheng2
shopping center; department store

商城县 商城縣 shang1 cheng2 xian4
Shangcheng county, Henan

商船 商船 shang1 chuan2
merchant ship

商代 商代 shang1 dai4
the prehistoric Shang dynasty (c. 16th-11th century BC)

商店 商店 shang1 dian4
store; shop

商调 商調 shang1 diao4
to negotiate the transfer of personnel

商定 商定 shang1 ding4
to agree; to decide after consultation; to come to a compromise

商都 商都 shang1 du1
Shangdu county in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia

商都县 商都縣 shang1 du1 xian4
Shangdu county in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia

商兑 商兌 shang1 dui4
to discuss and deliberate

商队 商隊 shang1 dui4

商贩 商販 shang1 fan4
trader; peddler

商港 商港 shang1 gang3
commercial port; trading harbor

商贾 商賈 shang1 gu3

商行 商行 shang1 hang2
trading company

商号 商號 shang1 hao4
store; a business

商河 商河 shang1 he2
Shanghe county in Ji'nan 濟南|济南, Shandong

商河县 商河縣 shang1 he2 xian4
Shanghe county in Ji'nan 濟南|济南, Shandong

商户 商戶 shang1 hu4
merchant; trader; businessman; firm

商会 商會 shang1 hui4
chamber of commerce

商机 商機 shang1 ji1
business opportunity; commercial opportunity

商计 商計 shang1 ji4
to negotiate; to discuss

商家 商家 shang1 jia1
merchant; business; enterprise

商检 商檢 shang1 jian3
to inspect goods

商界 商界 shang1 jie4
business world; business community

商君书 商君書 shang1 jun1 shu1
The Book of Lord Shang, Legalist text of the 4th century BC

商科 商科 shang1 ke1
Shangke corporation, PRC IT company (since 1994)

商科 商科 shang1 ke1
business studies

商科集团 商科集團 shang1 ke1 ji2 tuan2
Shangke Corporation, PRC IT company (since 1994)

商科院校 商科院校 shang1 ke1 yuan4 xiao4
Business school

商量 商量 shang1 liang5
to consult; to talk over; to discuss

商路 商路 shang1 lu4
trade route

商洛 商洛 shang1 luo4
Shangluo prefecture level city in Shaanxi

商洛市 商洛市 shang1 luo4 shi4
Shangluo prefecture level city in Shaanxi

商旅 商旅 shang1 lv3
traveling merchant

商贸 商貿 shang1 mao4
trade and commerce

商民 商民 shang1 min2

商南 商南 shang1 nan2
Shangnan County in Shangluo 商洛, Shaanxi

商南县 商南縣 shang1 nan2 xian4
Shangnan County in Shangluo 商洛, Shaanxi

商女 商女 shang1 nv3
female singer (archaic)

商品 商品 shang1 pin3
commodity; goods; merchandise

商品化 商品化 shang1 pin3 hua4

商品价值 商品價值 shang1 pin3 jia4 zhi2
commodity value

商品经济 商品經濟 shang1 pin3 jing1 ji4
commodity economy

商铺 商舖 shang1 pu4
shop; store

商祺 商祺 shang1 qi2
business is auspicious; conventional greeting at the foot of a letter: May your business go well!

商洽 商洽 shang1 qia4
to parley; to negotiate; to discuss

商丘 商丘 shang1 qiu1
Shangqiu prefecture level city in Henan

商丘地区 商丘地區 shang1 qiu1 di4 qu1
Shangqiu prefecture in Henan

商丘市 商丘市 shang1 qiu1 shi4
Shangqiu prefecture level city in Henan

商圈 商圈 shang1 quan1
commercial district; business district

商榷 商榷 shang1 que4
to discuss; to bring up various ideas for discussion

商人 商人 shang1 ren2
merchant; businessman

商人银行 商人銀行 shang1 ren2 yin2 hang2
merchant banking

商数 商數 shang1 shu4
quotient (math.)

商水 商水 shang1 shui3
Shangshui county in Zhoukou 周口, Henan

商水县 商水縣 shang1 shui3 xian4
Shangshui county in Zhoukou 周口, Henan

商税 商稅 shang1 shui4
tax on trade

商谈 商談 shang1 tan2
to confer; to discuss; to engage in talks

商汤 商湯 shang1 tang1
Shang Tang (1646-? BC), legendary founder of the Shang Dynasty

商讨 商討 shang1 tao3
to discuss; to deliberate

商务 商務 shang1 wu4
commercial affairs; commercial; commerce; business

商务部 商務部 shang1 wu4 bu4
Department of Trade; Department of Commerce

商务汉语考试 商務漢語考試 shang1 wu4 han4 yu3 kao3 shi4
Business Chinese Test (BCT)

商务印书馆 商務印書館 shang1 wu4 yin4 shu1 guan3
The Commercial Press, Beijing (est. 1897)

商务中心区 商務中心區 shang1 wu4 zhong1 xin1 qu1
central business district (e.g. CBD of Beijing)

商学 商學 shang1 xue2
business studies; commerce as an academic subject

商学院 商學院 shang1 xue2 yuan4
business school; university of business studies

商演 商演 shang1 yan3
commercial performance

商鞅 商鞅 shang1 yang1
Shang Yang (c. 390-338 BC), legalist philosopher and important statesman of Qin state 秦國|秦国 whose militaristic reforms in 356 and 350 BC played a key role in establishing Qin power

商鞅变法 商鞅變法 shang1 yang1 bian4 fa3
Shang Yang's political reform of Qin state 秦國|秦国 of 356 BC and 350 BC, that put it on the road to world domination

商业 商業 shang1 ye4
business; trade; commerce

商业版本 商業版本 shang1 ye4 ban3 ben3
commercial version (of software)

商业发票 商業發票 shang1 ye4 fa1 piao4
commercial invoice

商业管理 商業管理 shang1 ye4 guan3 li3
business administration

商业化 商業化 shang1 ye4 hua4
to commercialize

商业机构 商業機構 shang1 ye4 ji1 gou4
commercial organization

商业计划 商業計劃 shang1 ye4 ji4 hua4
business plan

商业模式 商業模式 shang1 ye4 mo2 shi4
business model

商业区 商業區 shang1 ye4 qu1
business district; downtown

商业行为 商業行為 shang1 ye4 xing2 wei2
business activity; commercial activity

商业银行 商業銀行 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2
commercial bank

商业应用 商業應用 shang1 ye4 ying4 yong4
business application

商业中心 商業中心 shang1 ye4 zhong1 xin1
business center; commerce center

商议 商議 shang1 yi4
to negotiate; discussion; proposal

商域 商域 shang1 yu4
field of fractions (math)

商誉 商譽 shang1 yu4
reputation of a firm's product

商约 商約 shang1 yue1
trade treaty

商展 商展 shang1 zhan3
trade show; exhibition of goods

商战 商戰 shang1 zhan4
trade war

商栈 商棧 shang1 zhan4
inn; caravansary

商州 商州 shang1 zhou1
Shangzhou District of Shangluo City 商洛市, Shaanxi

商州区 商州區 shang1 zhou1 qu1
Shangzhou District of Shangluo City 商洛市, Shaanxi

商纣王 商紂王 shang1 zhou4 wang2
King Zhou of Shang (11th century BC), notorious as a cruel tyrant

商酌 商酌 shang1 zhuo2
to deliberate

上海商务印书馆 上海商務印書館 shang4 hai3 shang1 wu4 yin4 shu1 guan3
Commercial Press, Shanghai (from 1897)

士农工商 士農工商 shi4 nong2 gong1 shang1
"the four classes" of ancient China, i.e. scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants

台商 台商 tai2 shang1
Taiwanese businessman; Taiwanese company

摊商 攤商 tan1 shang1
stall-keeper; street peddler

提供商 提供商 ti2 gong1 shang1
provider (company)

通商 通商 tong1 shang1
having trading relations (of nations or regions)

通商口岸 通商口岸 tong1 shang1 kou3 an4
treaty port, forced on Qing China by the 19th century Great Powers

同侪谘商 同儕諮商 tong2 chai2 zi1 shang1
peer counseling

外商 外商 wai4 shang1
foreign businessman

外商独资企业 外商獨資企業 wai4 shang1 du2 zi1 qi3 ye4
wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) (form of legal entity in China); abbr. to 外資企業|外资企业

外商直接投资 外商直接投資 wai4 shang1 zhi2 jie1 tou2 zi1
overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI)

威尼斯商人 威尼斯商人 wei1 ni2 si1 shang1 ren2
The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

微商 微商 wei1 shang1
(math.) derivative

文具商 文具商 wen2 ju4 shang1

无奸不商 無奸不商 wu2 jian1 bu4 shang1
all businessmen are evil (idiom)

五口通商 五口通商 wu3 kou3 tong1 shang1
the five treaty ports forced on Qing China by the 1842 treaty of Nanjing 南京條約|南京条约 that concluded the First Opium War, namely: Guangzhou 廣州|广州, Fuzhou 福州, Ningbo 寧波|宁波, Xiamen or Amoy 廈門|厦门 and Shanghai 上海

夏商周 夏商周 xia4 shang1 zhou1
Xia, Shang and Zhou, the earliest named Chinese dynasties

小商贩 小商販 xiao3 shang1 fan4
small trader; peddler

协商 協商 xie2 shang1
to consult with; to talk things over; agreement

协商会议 協商會議 xie2 shang1 hui4 yi4
consultative conference (political venue during early communist rule); consultative meeting; deliberative assembly

药商 藥商 yao4 shang1

医药商店 醫藥商店 yi1 yao4 shang1 dian4
chemist; druggist; pharmacy

殷商 殷商 yin1 shang1
final name of the Shang dynasty after their move to Yinxu 殷墟 in modern Henan province

因特网提供商 因特網提供商 yin1 te4 wang3 ti2 gong1 shang1
Internet service provider (ISP)

营造商 營造商 ying2 zao4 shang1
builder; contractor

有商有量 有商有量 you3 shang1 you3 liang4
to talk things through (idiom); to have an exchange of views

友谊商店 友誼商店 you3 yi4 shang1 dian4
Friendship Store, PRC state-run store originally intended for foreigners, diplomats etc, specializing in selling imported Western goods and quality Chinese crafts

运营商 運營商 yun4 ying2 shang1
operator (of a power station, transport network etc); carrier (telecommunications etc)

杂货商 雜貨商 za2 huo4 shang1

赞助商 贊助商 zan4 zhu4 shang1

招商 招商 zhao1 shang1
to seek investment or funding; investment promotion

招商引资 招商引資 zhao1 shang1 yin3 zi1
investment promotion

证券商 證券商 zheng4 quan4 shang1
share dealer; broker

智商 智商 zhi4 shang1
IQ (intelligence quotient)

制造商 製造商 zhi4 zao4 shang1
manufacturing company

制作商 製作商 zhi4 zuo4 shang1
maker; manufacturer

中国工商银行 中國工商銀行 zhong1 guo2 gong1 shang1 yin2 hang2
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

中国人民政治协商会议 中國人民政治協商會議 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 zheng4 zhi4 xie2 shang1 hui4 yi4
CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)

重商主义 重商主義 zhong4 shang1 zhu3 yi4

周边商品 周邊商品 zhou1 bian1 shang1 pin3
spin-off merchandise

主承销商 主承銷商 zhu3 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
lead underwriter

注册商标 註冊商標 zhu4 ce4 shang1 biao1
registered trademark

自营商 自營商 zi4 ying2 shang1

坐商 坐商 zuo4 shang1
tradesman; shopkeeper

做市商 做市商 zuo4 shi4 shang1
market maker