to gnaw; to erode

variant of 嚙|啮; to gnaw

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
啮齿 嚙齒 nie4 chi3
a rodent (rat, rabbit etc)

啮齿动物 嚙齒動物 nie4 chi3 dong4 wu4

啮齿类 嚙齒類 nie4 chi3 lei4
rodents (rat, rabbit etc)

啮齿目 嚙齒目 nie4 chi3 mu4
order of rodents (rats, squirrels etc)

啮合 嚙合 nie4 he2
(of opposing teeth, or gears) to mesh; to engage

穷鼠啮狸 窮鼠嚙狸 qiong2 shu3 nie4 li2
a desperate rat will bite the fox (idiom); the smallest worm will turn being trodden on

咬啮 咬嚙 yao3 nie4
to gnaw

咬啮 咬齧 yao3 nie4
variant of 咬嚙|咬啮; to gnaw