(onom.) bang; clank; see 哐啷, clatter

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
当啷 當啷 dang1 lang1
(onom.) metallic sound; clanging

丁零当啷 丁零噹啷 ding1 ling5 dang1 lang1
ding-a-ling; (onom.) for sound of bell

噶啷啷 噶啷啷 ga2 lang1 lang1
(onom.) hum and clatter

哐哐啷啷 哐哐啷啷 kuang1 kuang1 lang1 lang1
(onom.) crash; clank; clatter

哐啷 哐啷 kuang1 lang1
(onom.) clang; clatter; bang; crash; clank

啷当 啷當 lang1 dang1
more or less; or so (of approx age or number); and so on