to cry; to weep aloud; to crow; to hoot

variant of 啼

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
悲啼 悲啼 bei1 ti2
to wail with grief; plaintive cry

杜鹃啼血 杜鵑啼血 du4 juan1 ti2 xue4
the cuckoo cries blood; fig. plaintive lament

尖声啼哭 尖聲啼哭 jian1 sheng1 ti2 ku1

哭哭啼啼 哭哭啼啼 ku1 ku5 ti2 ti2
to weep endlessly; interminable wailing

柳啼花怨 柳啼花怨 liu3 ti2 hua1 yuan4

啼饥号寒 啼饑號寒 ti2 ji1 hao2 han2
hunger cries and cold roars (idiom); wretched poverty

啼哭 啼哭 ti2 ku1
to cry; to wail

啼声 啼聲 ti2 sheng1
ululation; to howl

啼笑皆非 啼笑皆非 ti2 xiao4 jie1 fei1
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); between laughter and tears

啼啭 啼囀 ti2 zhuan4
to call sweetly (of birds)