hey; to feed (an animal, baby, invalid etc)

variant of 餵|喂

to feed

hello (when answering the phone)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
良心喂狗 良心喂狗 liang2 xin1 wei4 gou3
to have fed one's conscience to the dogs (idiom); devoid of conscience

母乳喂养 母乳餵養 mu3 ru3 wei4 yang3
breast feeding

喂哺 餵哺 wei4 bu3
to feed (a baby)

喂料 餵料 wei4 liao4
to feed (also fig.)

喂母乳 餵母乳 wei4 mu3 ru3
breast feeding

喂奶 喂奶 wei4 nai3
to breast-feed

喂食 餵食 wei4 shi2
to feed

喂养 餵養 wei4 yang3
to feed (a child, domestic animal etc); to keep; to raise (an animal)