to yell; to shout; to call out for (a person)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
大喊 大喊 da4 han3
to shout

大喊大叫 大喊大叫 da4 han3 da4 jiao4
shouting and screaming (idiom); to scream loudly; to rant; to kick up a racket; to conduct vigorous propaganda

大声喊叫 大聲喊叫 da4 sheng1 han3 jiao4
to shout loudly

高喊 高喊 gao1 han3
to shout loudly; to raise a cry; to yell

喊道 喊道 han3 dao4
to yell

喊叫 喊叫 han3 jiao4
to cry out; to shout

喊声 喊聲 han3 sheng1
to yell; hubbub

喊冤 喊冤 han3 yuan1
to cry out a grievance

呼喊 呼喊 hu1 han3
to shout (slogans etc)

叫喊 叫喊 jiao4 han3
exclamation; outcry; shout; yell

空喊 空喊 kong1 han3
idle clamor; to prattle

哭喊 哭喊 ku1 han3
to wail

老鼠过街,人人喊打 老鼠過街,人人喊打 lao3 shu3 guo4 jie1 - ren2 ren2 han3 da3
lit. when a rat crosses the street, people chase it down (idiom); fig. everyone detests a lowlife

呐喊 吶喊 na4 han3
shout; rallying cry; cheering; to shout

人喊马嘶 人喊馬嘶 ren2 han3 ma3 si1
lit. people shouting and horses neighing (idiom); fig. tumultuous; hubbub

嘶喊 嘶喊 si1 han3
to shout

吆喊 吆喊 yao1 han3
to shout; to yell

摇旗呐喊 搖旗吶喊 yao2 qi2 na4 han3
to wave flags and shout battle cries (idiom); to egg sb on; to give support to