to be fond of; to like; to enjoy; to be happy; to feel pleased; happiness; delight; glad

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
爱情喜剧 愛情喜劇 ai4 qing2 xi3 ju4
romantic comedy

暗喜 暗喜 an4 xi3
hidden smile; smirk; to rejoice covertly; secret satisfaction concerning one's evil plans

报喜 報喜 bao4 xi3
to announce good news; to report success

报喜不报忧 報喜不報憂 bao4 xi3 bu4 bao4 you1
to report only the good news, not the bad news; to hold back unpleasant news; to sweep bad news under the carpet

悲喜交集 悲喜交集 bei1 xi3 jiao1 ji2
mixed feelings of grief and joy

悲喜剧 悲喜劇 bei1 xi3 ju4

不以物喜,不以己悲 不以物喜,不以己悲 bu4 yi3 wu4 xi3 - bu4 yi3 ji3 bei1
not to become attached to material things, not to pity oneself

大喜 大喜 da4 xi3

大喜过望 大喜過望 da4 xi3 guo4 wang4
overjoyed at unexpected good news (idiom)

道喜 道喜 dao4 xi3
to congratulate

逗人喜爱 逗人喜愛 dou4 ren2 xi3 ai4

恭喜 恭喜 gong1 xi3
congratulations; greetings

恭喜发财 恭喜發財 gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)

宫泽喜一 宮澤喜一 gong1 ze2 xi3 yi1
Kiichi Miyazawa (1919-2007), former Japanese prime minister

害喜 害喜 hai4 xi3
to have morning sickness during pregnancy; to have a strong appetite for certain foods (during pregnancy)

好大喜功 好大喜功 hao4 da4 xi3 gong1
to rejoice in grandiose deeds; to strive to achieve extraordinary things

贺喜 賀喜 he4 xi3
to congratulate

红白喜事 紅白喜事 hong2 bai2 xi3 shi4
weddings and funerals

欢欢喜喜 歡歡喜喜 huan1 huan1 xi3 xi3

欢天喜地 歡天喜地 huan1 tian1 xi3 di4
delighted; with great joy; in high spirits

欢喜 歡喜 huan1 xi3
happy; joyous; delighted; to like; to be fond of

欢喜冤家 歡喜冤家 huan1 xi3 yuan1 jia5
quarrelsome but loving couple

灰喜鹊 灰喜鵲 hui1 xi3 que4
(bird species of China) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)

回嗔作喜 回嗔作喜 hui2 chen1 zuo4 xi3
to go from anger to happiness (idiom)

见猎心喜 見獵心喜 jian4 lie4 xin1 xi3
lit. seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom); fig. seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again

江酌之喜 江酌之喜 jiang1 zhuo2 zhi1 xi3
feast at the birth of a child

皆大欢喜 皆大歡喜 jie1 da4 huan1 xi3
As You Like It, comedy by Shakespeare

皆大欢喜 皆大歡喜 jie1 da4 huan1 xi3
to everyone's delight and satisfaction

惊喜 驚喜 jing1 xi3
nice surprise; to be pleasantly surprised

惊喜若狂 驚喜若狂 jing1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
pleasantly surprised like mad (idiom); capering madly with joy; to express boundless pleasure

可喜 可喜 ke3 xi3
making one happy; gratifying; heartening

可喜可贺 可喜可賀 ke3 xi3 ke3 he4
worthy of celebration; gratifying; Congratulations!

狂喜 狂喜 kuang2 xi3
ecstasy; rapt

七喜 七喜 qi1 xi3
7 Up (soft drink); Hedy Holding Co., PRC computer manufacturer

乔迁之喜 喬遷之喜 qiao2 qian1 zhi1 xi3
congratulations on house-moving or promotion (idiom); Best wishes for your new home!

窃喜 竊喜 qie4 xi3
to be secretly delighted

人间喜剧 人間喜劇 ren2 jian1 xi3 ju4
La comédie humaine, series of novels by 19th century French novelist Honoré de Balzac 巴爾扎克|巴尔扎克

森喜朗 森喜朗 sen1 xi3 lang3
MORI Yoshirō (1937-), Japanese rugby player and politician, prime minister 2000-2001, famous for numerous gaffes

寿喜烧 壽喜燒 shou4 xi3 shao1

双喜 雙喜 shuang1 xi3
double happiness; the combined symmetric character 囍 (similar to 喜喜) as symbol of good luck, esp. marriage

双喜临门 雙喜臨門 shuang1 xi3 lin2 men2
two simultaneous happy events in the family

随喜 隨喜 sui2 xi3
(Buddhism) to be moved at the sight of good deeds; to join in charitable deeds; to tour temples

讨人喜欢 討人喜歡 tao3 ren2 xi3 huan5
to attract people's affection; charming; delightful

天使报喜节 天使報喜節 tian1 shi3 bao4 xi3 jie2
Annunciation (Christian festival on 25th March); Lady day

同喜 同喜 tong2 xi3
Thank you for your congratulations!; The same to you! (returning a compliment)

闻过则喜 聞過則喜 wen2 guo4 ze2 xi3
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.); to be happy when one's errors are pointed out

闻喜 聞喜 wen2 xi3
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi

闻喜县 聞喜縣 wen2 xi3 xian4
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi

喜爱 喜愛 xi3 ai4
to like; to love; to be fond of; favorite

喜报 喜報 xi3 bao4
announcement of joyful news

喜饼 喜餅 xi3 bing3
double happiness cakes, pastries offered by a man to his fiancée's family at the time of their engagement

喜不自禁 喜不自禁 xi3 bu4 zi4 jin1
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)

喜不自胜 喜不自勝 xi3 bu4 zi4 sheng4
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)

喜车 喜車 xi3 che1
wedding car; carriage for collecting the bride

喜冲冲 喜衝衝 xi3 chong1 chong1
to beam with joy; in a happy mood

喜出望外 喜出望外 xi3 chu1 wang4 wai4
to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom); overjoyed at the turn of events

喜从天降 喜從天降 xi3 cong2 tian1 jiang4
joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news; unlooked-for happy event

喜大普奔 喜大普奔 xi3 da4 pu3 ben1
(of news etc) so thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word (Internet slang); acronym from 喜聞樂見|喜闻乐见, 大快人心, 普天同慶|普天同庆 and 奔走相告

喜蛋 喜蛋 xi3 dan4
red-painted eggs, traditional celebratory gift on third day after birth of new baby

喜德 喜德 xi3 de2
Xide county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan

喜德县 喜德縣 xi3 de2 xian4
Xide county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan

喜恶 喜惡 xi3 e4
likes and dislikes

喜歌剧院 喜歌劇院 xi3 ge1 ju4 yuan4
musical theater; Opéra Comique, Paris

喜好 喜好 xi3 hao4
to like; fond of; to prefer; to love; one's tastes; preference

喜欢 喜歡 xi3 huan5
to like; to be fond of

喜极而泣 喜極而泣 xi3 ji2 er2 qi4
crying tears of joy (idiom)

喜结连理 喜結連理 xi3 jie2 lian2 li3
to tie the knot (idiom); to get married

喜酒 喜酒 xi3 jiu3
wedding feast; liquor drunk at a wedding feast

喜剧 喜劇 xi3 ju4

喜来登 喜來登 xi3 lai2 deng1
Sheraton (hotel chain)

喜乐 喜樂 xi3 le4

喜力 喜力 xi3 li4
Heineken (Dutch brewing company); see also 海尼根

喜马拉雅 喜馬拉雅 xi3 ma3 la1 ya3
the Himalayas

喜马拉雅山 喜馬拉雅山 xi3 ma3 la1 ya3 shan1

喜马拉雅山脉 喜馬拉雅山脈 xi3 ma3 la1 ya3 shan1 mai4

喜娘 喜娘 xi3 niang2
matron of honor (old)

喜怒哀乐 喜怒哀樂 xi3 nu4 ai1 le4
four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜, anger 憤怒|愤怒, sorrow 悲哀 and joy 快樂|快乐

喜怒无常 喜怒無常 xi3 nu4 wu2 chang2
temperamental; moody

喜帕 喜帕 xi3 pa4
bridal veil (covering the face)

喜气 喜氣 xi3 qi4
hilarity; cheerful atmosphere

喜气洋洋 喜氣洋洋 xi3 qi4 yang2 yang2
full of joy (idiom); jubilation

喜钱 喜錢 xi3 qian5
tip given on a happy occasion (traditional)

喜庆 喜慶 xi3 qing4
jubilation; festive

喜鹊 喜鵲 xi3 que4
(bird species of China) Eurasian magpie (Pica pica)

喜群飞 喜群飛 xi3 qun2 fei1
gregarious (ornithology)

喜群游 喜群游 xi3 qun2 you2
gregarious (ichthyology)

喜色 喜色 xi3 se4
happy expression; cheerful look

喜山白眉朱雀 喜山白眉朱雀 xi3 shan1 bai2 mei2 zhu1 que4
(bird species of China) Himalayan white-browed rosefinch (Carpodacus thura)

喜山点翅朱雀 喜山點翅朱雀 xi3 shan1 dian3 chi4 zhu1 que4
(bird species of China) spot-winged rosefinch (Carpodacus rodopeplus)

喜山红眉朱雀 喜山紅眉朱雀 xi3 shan1 hong2 mei2 zhu1 que4
(bird species of China) Himalayan beautiful rosefinch (Carpodacus pulcherrimus)

喜山鵟 喜山鵟 xi3 shan1 kuang2
(bird species of China) Himalayan buzzard (Buteo burmanicus)

喜事 喜事 xi3 shi4
happy occasion; wedding

喜寿 喜壽 xi3 shou4
77th birthday (honorific, archaic or Japanese term)

喜糖 喜糖 xi3 tang2
sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)

喜帖 喜帖 xi3 tie3
wedding invitation

喜闻乐见 喜聞樂見 xi3 wen2 le4 jian4
to love to hear and see (idiom); well received; to one's liking

喜喜欢欢 喜喜歡歡 xi3 xi3 huan1 huan1

喜笑 喜笑 xi3 xiao4
to laugh; laughter

喜笑颜开 喜笑顏開 xi3 xiao4 yan2 kai1
grinning from ear to ear (idiom); beaming with happiness

喜新厌旧 喜新厭舊 xi3 xin1 yan4 jiu4
lit. to like the new, and hate the old (idiom); fig. enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old

喜兴 喜興 xi3 xing1
joyous; delighted; merry

喜形于色 喜形於色 xi3 xing2 yu2 se4
face light up with delight (idiom); to beam with joy

喜讯 喜訊 xi3 xun4
good news; glad tidings

喜筵 喜筵 xi3 yan2
wedding banquet; congratulatory feast

喜宴 喜宴 xi3 yan4
wedding banquet

喜阳 喜陽 xi3 yang2
heliophile; tending towards the sun; heliotropism

喜洋洋 喜洋洋 xi3 yang2 yang2
radiant with joy

喜吟吟 喜吟吟 xi3 yin2 yin2
joyful; happy

喜盈盈 喜盈盈 xi3 ying2 ying2
happy; joyful

喜忧参半 喜憂參半 xi3 you1 can1 ban4
to have mixed feelings (about sth)

喜雨 喜雨 xi3 yu3
welcome fall of rain; seasonable rain

喜跃 喜躍 xi3 yue4
to jump for joy

喜悦 喜悅 xi3 yue4
happy; joyous

喜则气缓 喜則氣緩 xi3 ze2 qi4 huan3
joy depresses one's qi vital breath; an excess of joy may lead to sluggishness of vital energy (TCM)

喜幛 喜幛 xi3 zhang4
celebratory hanging scroll

喜滋滋 喜滋滋 xi3 zi1 zi1
pleased; happy

喜孜孜 喜孜孜 xi3 zi1 zi1
euphoria; transport; bliss

喜子 喜子 xi3 zi5
Tetragnatha (long-jawed spider); same as 蟢子

欣喜 欣喜 xin1 xi3

欣喜若狂 欣喜若狂 xin1 xi3 ruo4 kuang2
to be wild with joy (idiom)

幸喜 幸喜 xing4 xi3

一则以喜,一则以忧 一則以喜,一則以憂 yi1 ze2 yi3 xi3 - yi1 ze2 yi3 you1
happy on the one hand, but worried on the other (idiom)

有喜 有喜 you3 xi3
to be expecting; to be with child

于归之喜 于歸之喜 yu2 gui1 zhi1 xi3
the joy of matrimony (polite phrase referring to a young woman)

虞喜 虞喜 yu2 xi3
Chinese astronomer (281-356) famous for determining the precession of the equinoxes

沾沾自喜 沾沾自喜 zhan1 zhan1 zi4 xi3
immeasurably self-satisfied

招人喜欢 招人喜歡 zhao1 ren2 xi3 huan5
charming; attractive; delightful

转悲为喜 轉悲為喜 zhuan3 bei1 wei2 xi3
to turn grief into happiness (idiom)

最喜爱 最喜愛 zui4 xi3 ai4