clamor; noise

variant of 喧; old variant of 諼|谖

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
寒喧 寒喧 han2 xuan1
to exchange conventional greetings; to exchange pleasantries

寒喧语 寒喧語 han2 xuan1 yu3
polite set phrase; salutation; pleasantries

喧宾夺主 喧賓奪主 xuan1 bin1 duo2 zhu3
lit. the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host (idiom); fig. a minor player upstages the main attraction; minor details obscure the main point; the sauce is better than the fish

喧呼 諠呼 xuan1 hu1
to shout loudly; to bawl; to vociferate; rumpus; uproar

喧哗 喧嘩 xuan1 hua2
hubbub; clamor; to make a racket

喧哗与骚动 喧嘩與騷動 xuan1 hua2 yu3 sao1 dong4
The Sound and the Fury (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳)

喧闹 喧鬧 xuan1 nao4
to make a noise; noisy

喧扰 喧擾 xuan1 rao3
to disturb by noise

喧腾 喧騰 xuan1 teng2
to make a tumult; hubbub; uproar

喧嚣 喧囂 xuan1 xiao1
to clamor; to make noise