mourning; funeral; (old) corpse

to lose sth abstract but important (courage, authority, one's life etc); to be bereaved of (one's spouse etc); to die; disappointed; discouraged

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
懊丧 懊喪 ao4 sang4
dejected; despondent; depressed

报丧 報喪 bao4 sang1
to announce sb's demise; to predict death

奔丧 奔喪 ben1 sang1
hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent

出丧 出喪 chu1 sang1
to hold a funeral procession

垂头丧气 垂頭喪氣 chui2 tou2 sang4 qi4
hanging one's head dispiritedly (idiom); dejected; crestfallen

道德沦丧 道德淪喪 dao4 de2 lun2 sang4
moral bankruptcy; moral degeneracy

吊丧 弔喪 diao4 sang1
condolences; a condolence visit

发丧 發喪 fa1 sang1
to hold a funeral

服丧 服喪 fu2 sang1
in mourning

父丧 父喪 fu4 sang1
the death of one's father

号丧 號喪 hao2 sang5
to weep; to howl as if at a funeral

灰心丧气 灰心喪氣 hui1 xin1 sang4 qi4
downhearted; downcast; in despair

居丧 居喪 ju1 sang4
to observe the ritual mourning

沮丧 沮喪 ju3 sang4
dispirited; dejected; dismayed

哭丧 哭喪 ku1 sang1
to wail at a funeral; formal wailing while offering sacrifice to the departed

哭丧棒 哭喪棒 ku1 sang1 bang4
mourning staff draped in white, held at a funeral to show filial piety

哭丧脸 哭喪臉 ku1 sang5 lian3
to pull a long face; sullen; also written 哭喪著臉|哭丧着脸

哭丧着脸 哭喪著臉 ku1 sang5 zhe5 lian3
sullen; to scowl miserably

沦没丧亡 淪沒喪亡 lun2 mo4 sang4 wang2
to die; to perish

沦丧 淪喪 lun2 sang4
to be lost; to be ruined; to perish; to wither away

母丧 母喪 mu3 sang1
the death of one's mother

敲丧钟 敲喪鐘 qiao1 sang1 zhong1
a knell

若有所丧 若有所喪 ruo4 you3 suo3 sang1
see 若有所失

丧棒 喪棒 sang1 bang4
funeral stick (held by the son as a sign of filial piety)

丧服 喪服 sang1 fu2
mourning garment

丧荒 喪荒 sang1 huang1
mourning ceremonial

丧假 喪假 sang1 jia4
funeral leave

丧礼 喪禮 sang1 li3

丧乱 喪亂 sang1 luan4
tragic disaster; disturbance and bloodshed

丧门神 喪門神 sang1 men2 shen2
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck

丧门星 喪門星 sang1 men2 xing1
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck

丧尸 喪屍 sang1 shi1

丧事 喪事 sang1 shi4
funeral arrangements

丧仪 喪儀 sang1 yi2
funeral ceremony

丧葬 喪葬 sang1 zang4
funeral; burial

丧葬费 喪葬費 sang1 zang4 fei4
funeral expenses

丧钟 喪鐘 sang1 zhong1

丧梆 喪梆 sang4 bang1
cold and offensive (talk or manner)

丧胆 喪膽 sang4 dan3
panic-stricken; scared out of one's wits

丧德 喪德 sang4 de2
wicked; offending morality

丧父 喪父 sang4 fu4
to be orphaned of one's father

丧魂落魄 喪魂落魄 sang4 hun2 luo4 po4
scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic

丧魂失魄 喪魂失魄 sang4 hun2 shi1 po4
distraught; dazed

丧家之狗 喪家之狗 sang4 jia1 zhi1 gou3
see 喪家之犬|丧家之犬

丧家之犬 喪家之犬 sang4 jia1 zhi1 quan3
stray dog (idiom)

丧尽 喪盡 sang4 jin4
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)

丧尽天良 喪盡天良 sang4 jin4 tian1 liang2
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless

丧命 喪命 sang4 ming4
to lose one's life

丧偶 喪偶 sang4 ou3
bereaved of one's spouse (literary)

丧妻 喪妻 sang4 qi1
deceased wife

丧气 喪氣 sang4 qi4
to feel disheartened

丧气鬼 喪氣鬼 sang4 qi4 gui3
downcast wretch; bad-tempered and unpleasant person

丧气话 喪氣話 sang4 qi4 hua4
demoralizing talk

丧气 喪氣 sang4 qi5

丧亲 喪親 sang4 qin1
bereavement; to lose a relative

丧权辱国 喪權辱國 sang4 quan2 ru3 guo2
to forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country (idiom); to surrender territory under humiliating terms

丧生 喪生 sang4 sheng1
to die; to lose one's life

丧失 喪失 sang4 shi1
to lose; to forfeit

丧失殆尽 喪失殆盡 sang4 shi1 dai4 jin4
to be used up; to be exhausted

丧天害理 喪天害理 sang4 tian1 hai4 li3
devoid of conscience (idiom)

丧亡 喪亡 sang4 wang2
to die

丧心病狂 喪心病狂 sang4 xin1 bing4 kuang2
deranged; demented; berserk (idiom)

丧志 喪志 sang4 zhi4
to become demoralized; to lose one's sense of purpose

守丧 守喪 shou3 sang1
to keep watch beside a coffin; to observe a period of mourning

颓丧 頹喪 tui2 sang4
dejected; disheartened; listless

玩人丧德 玩人喪德 wan2 ren2 sang4 de2
to play with others and offend morals; wicked

玩物丧志 玩物喪志 wan2 wu4 sang4 zhi4
lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom); infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress; excessive attention to trivia saps the will

闻风丧胆 聞風喪膽 wen2 feng1 sang4 dan3
hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news

凶丧 凶喪 xiong1 sang1
funeral arrangements

治丧 治喪 zhi4 sang1
to prepare for a funeral

治丧从俭 治喪從儉 zhi4 sang4 cong2 jian3
to be frugal in attending to funeral rites (idiom)

斫丧 斫喪 zhuo2 sang4
to ravage; to devastate