to puff; to spout; to spray; to spurt

(of a smell) strong; peak season (of a crop); (classifier for the ordinal number of a crop, in the context of multiple harvests)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
打喷嚏 打噴嚏 da3 pen1 ti4
to sneeze

打嚏喷 打嚏噴 da3 ti4 pen5
to sneeze

防狼喷雾 防狼噴霧 fang2 lang2 pen1 wu4
pepper spray

防喷罩 防噴罩 fang2 pen1 zhao4
pop filter (audio engineering)

狗血喷头 狗血噴頭 gou3 xie3 pen1 tou2
torrent of abuse (idiom)

古根罕喷气推进研究中心 古根罕噴氣推進研究中心 gu3 gen1 han3 pen1 qi4 tui1 jin4 yan2 jiu1 zhong1 xin1
Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT, from 1926); Guggenheim Jet Propulsion Center (from 1943)

胡椒喷雾 胡椒噴霧 hu2 jiao1 pen1 wu4
pepper spray; OC spray

火焰喷射器 火焰噴射器 huo3 yan4 pen1 she4 qi4

井喷 井噴 jing3 pen1
(oil) blowout; surge; gush

满嘴喷粪 滿嘴噴糞 man3 zui3 pen1 fen4
to talk bullshit

喷鼻息 噴鼻息 pen1 bi2 xi1
to snort

喷薄 噴薄 pen1 bo2
to gush; to squirt; to surge; to well out; to overflow

喷薄欲出 噴薄欲出 pen1 bo2 yu4 chu1
to be on the verge of eruption (idiom); (of the sun) to emerge in all its brilliance

喷池 噴池 pen1 chi2
spray pool; spray condensing pool

喷出 噴出 pen1 chu1
spout; spray; belch; to well up; to puff out; to spurt out

喷出岩 噴出岩 pen1 chu1 yan2
extrusive rock (geology)

喷发 噴發 pen1 fa1
to erupt; an eruption

喷饭 噴飯 pen1 fan4
(coll.) to burst out laughing

喷粪 噴糞 pen1 fen4
to talk crap; to be full of shit

喷壶 噴壺 pen1 hu2
spray bottle

喷火 噴火 pen1 huo3
to shoot flames; to erupt (of volcanoes); flaming (of flowers)

喷火器 噴火器 pen1 huo3 qi4

喷墨 噴墨 pen1 mo4
ink jet

喷喷香 噴噴香 pen1 pen1 xiang1
see 香噴噴|香喷喷

喷漆 噴漆 pen1 qi1
to spray paint or lacquer; lacquer

喷漆推进 噴漆推進 pen1 qi1 tui1 jin4
jet propulsion

喷气 噴氣 pen1 qi4
jet; blast of air; spurt of gas

喷气发动机 噴氣發動機 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1
jet engine

喷气机 噴氣機 pen1 qi4 ji1
jet (engine, plane)

喷气式 噴氣式 pen1 qi4 shi4

喷气式飞机 噴氣式飛機 pen1 qi4 shi4 fei1 ji1
jet aircraft

喷气推进实验室 噴氣推進實驗室 pen1 qi4 tui1 jin4 shi2 yan4 shi4
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California

喷泉 噴泉 pen1 quan2

喷洒 噴灑 pen1 sa3
to spray; to sprinkle

喷洒器 噴灑器 pen1 sa3 qi4
a spray

喷砂 噴砂 pen1 sha1
sandblasting; abrasive blasting

喷射 噴射 pen1 she4
to spurt; to spray; to jet; spurt; spray; jet

喷射机 噴射機 pen1 she4 ji1
jet (plane, engine); spraying machine

喷水池 噴水池 pen1 shui3 chi2
a fountain

喷水壶 噴水壺 pen1 shui3 hu2
watering can; sprinkling can

喷丝头 噴絲頭 pen1 si1 tou2
spinneret; extrusion nozzle

喷嚏 噴嚏 pen1 ti4

喷嚏剂 噴嚏劑 pen1 ti4 ji4

喷桶 噴桶 pen1 tong3
watering can

喷头 噴頭 pen1 tou2
nozzle; spray-head

喷雾 噴霧 pen1 wu4
mist spray; atomizing

喷雾器 噴霧器 pen1 wu4 qi4
nebulizer; spray; atomizer

喷涌 噴湧 pen1 yong3
to bubble out; to squirt

喷子 噴子 pen1 zi5
sprayer; spraying apparatus; (slang) firearm; Internet troll; hater

喷嘴 噴嘴 pen1 zui3
nozzle; extrusion nozzle

喷嘴儿 噴嘴兒 pen1 zui3 er5
erhua variant of 噴嘴|喷嘴

嚏喷 嚏噴 ti4 pen5
to sneeze

涡轮喷气发动机 渦輪噴氣發動機 wo1 lun2 pen1 qi4 fa1 dong4 ji1

涡喷 渦噴 wo1 pen1

香喷喷 香噴噴 xiang1 pen1 pen1
delicious; savory

血口喷人 血口噴人 xue4 kou3 pen1 ren2
to spit blood (idiom); venomous slander; malicious attacks