surname Yu

to describe sth as; an analogy; a simile; a metaphor; an allegory

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
暗喻 暗喻 an4 yu4

比喻 比喻 bi3 yu4
to compare; to liken to; metaphor; analogy; figure of speech; figuratively

比喻义 比喻義 bi3 yu4 yi4
figurative meaning (of a word)

不可理喻 不可理喻 bu4 ke3 li3 yu4
to be impervious to reason (idiom); unreasonable

不可言喻 不可言喻 bu4 ke3 yan2 yu4
inexpressible (idiom)

不言而喻 不言而喻 bu4 yan2 er2 yu4
it goes without saying; it is self-evident

风喻 風喻 feng1 yu4
see 諷喻|讽喻

讽喻 諷喻 feng3 yu4
parable; allegory; satire

换喻 換喻 huan4 yu4

计算机比喻 計算機比喻 ji4 suan4 ji1 bi3 yu4
computer metaphor

家喻户晓 家喻戶曉 jia1 yu4 hu4 xiao3
understood by everyone (idiom); well known; a household name

借古喻今 借古喻今 jie4 gu3 yu4 jin1
to borrow the past as a model for the present

借喻 借喻 jie4 yu4
to use sth as a metaphor

理喻 理喻 li3 yu4
to reason with sb

明喻 明喻 ming2 yu4

逆喻 逆喻 ni4 yu4

譬喻 譬喻 pi4 yu4
analogy; metaphor; simile

提喻法 提喻法 ti2 yu4 fa3

晓喻 曉喻 xiao3 yu4
to inform; to convince

隐喻 隱喻 yin3 yu4

喻世明言 喻世明言 yu4 shi4 ming2 yan2
another name for 古今小說|古今小说, Stories Old and New by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙

转喻 轉喻 zhuan3 yu4

自喻 自喻 zi4 yu4
to refer to oneself as