throat; voice

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
扯嗓子 扯嗓子 che3 sang3 zi5
to raise one's voice; to speak at the top of one's voice

大嗓 大嗓 da4 sang3
loud voice

吊嗓子 吊嗓子 diao4 sang3 zi5
voice training (for Chinese opera)

假嗓 假嗓 jia3 sang3
falsetto (in opera)

假嗓子 假嗓子 jia3 sang3 zi5
falsetto (in opera)

馕嗓 饢嗓 nang3 sang3
to stuff one's throat with food

清嗓 清嗓 qing1 sang3
to clear one's throat; to hawk

嗓门 嗓門 sang3 men2
voice; windpipe

嗓门眼 嗓門眼 sang3 men2 yan3

嗓音 嗓音 sang3 yin1

嗓子 嗓子 sang3 zi5
throat; voice

嗓子眼 嗓子眼 sang3 zi5 yan3

嗓子眼儿 嗓子眼兒 sang3 zi5 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 嗓子眼

小嗓 小嗓 xiao3 sang3
falsetto (in Chinese opera)

左嗓子 左嗓子 zuo3 sang3 zi5
off-key singing voice; sb who sings off-key