to be angry at; to be displeased and annoyed

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
嗔斥 嗔斥 chen1 chi4
to rebuke; to scold

嗔诟 嗔詬 chen1 gou4
to berate; to curse in rage

嗔怪 嗔怪 chen1 guai4
to blame; to rebuke

嗔喝 嗔喝 chen1 he4
to yell at sb in rage

嗔狂 嗔狂 chen1 kuang2
to be deranged

嗔目 嗔目 chen1 mu4
glare; angry look; to open one's eyes wide; to stare angrily; to glare; to glower

嗔睨 嗔睨 chen1 ni4
to look askance at sb in anger

嗔怒 嗔怒 chen1 nu4
to get angry

嗔色 嗔色 chen1 se4
angry or sullen look

嗔视 嗔視 chen1 shi4
to look angrily at

嗔怨 嗔怨 chen1 yuan4
to complain; to reproach

嗔着 嗔著 chen1 zhe5
(coll.) to blame sb for sth

回嗔作喜 回嗔作喜 hui2 chen1 zuo4 xi3
to go from anger to happiness (idiom)

娇嗔 嬌嗔 jiao1 chen1
to protest coquettishly; to pout playfully