move the mouth as in speaking

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
嗫嗫 囁囁 nie4 nie4
talkative; light and soft (of voice)

嗫嚅 囁嚅 nie4 ru2
to stammer; to mumble; to speak haltingly

嗫呫 囁呫 nie4 tie4
to whisper

呫嗫 呫囁 tie4 nie4
(onom.) muttering; to whisper; mouthing words

趑趄嗫嚅 趑趄囁嚅 zi1 ju1 nie4 ru2
faltering steps, mumbling speech (idiom); hesitant; cringing; to cower

趦趄嗫嚅 趦趄囁嚅 zi1 ju1 nie4 ru2
faltering steps; mumbling speech; hesitant; cringing; to cower