toot; honk; to pout

strokes 13
strokes after radical 12
滴里嘟噜 滴里嘟嚕 di1 li3 du1 lu5

嘟嘟车 嘟嘟車 du1 du1 che1
tuk tuk (three wheeler taxi) (loanword)

嘟嘟哝哝 嘟嘟噥噥 du1 du1 nong2 nong2
to mumble in whispers; to mutter to oneself

嘟嘟响 嘟嘟響 du1 du1 xiang3
(onom.) toot; honk; beeping; tooting noise

嘟噜 嘟嚕 du1 lu5
bunch; cluster; classifier for bunched objects; to hang down in a bunch; to droop

嘟囔 嘟囔 du1 nang5
to mumble to oneself

嘟哝 嘟噥 du1 nong5
to mutter; to mumble complaints; to grumble

嘟着嘴 嘟著嘴 du1 zhe5 zui3
to pout

胖嘟嘟 胖嘟嘟 pang4 du1 du1
plump; pudgy; chubby

肉嘟嘟 肉嘟嘟 rou4 du1 du1