to ridicule; to mock

see 嘲哳, (onom.) twitter; twittering sound

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
嘲讽 嘲諷 chao2 feng3
to sneer at; to ridicule; to taunt

嘲弄 嘲弄 chao2 nong4
to tease; to poke fun at; to make fun of

嘲笑 嘲笑 chao2 xiao4
to jeer at; to deride; to ridicule; mockery; derision

嘲谑 嘲謔 chao2 xue4
to mock and ridicule

解嘲 解嘲 jie3 chao2
to try to cover up in an embarrassing situation; to justify oneself; to find excuses

冷嘲热讽 冷嘲熱諷 leng3 chao2 re4 feng3
frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom); to mock and ridicule

嘲哳 嘲哳 zhao1 zha1
(onom.) twitter; twittering sound

自嘲 自嘲 zi4 chao2
to mock oneself; to laugh at oneself

自我解嘲 自我解嘲 zi4 wo3 jie3 chao2
to refer to one's foibles or failings with self-deprecating humor