to choke (on); to choke up; to suffocate

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
抽抽噎噎 抽抽噎噎 chou1 chou5 ye1 ye1
to sob and sniffle

抽噎 抽噎 chou1 ye1
to sob

哽噎 哽噎 geng3 ye1
to choke on one's food; to be choked up emotionally, unable to speak

胸噎 胸噎 xiong1 ye1
thoracic choke (animal harness)

噎住 噎住 ye1 zhu4
to choke (on); to choke off (in speech)

因噎废食 因噎廢食 yin1 ye1 fei4 shi2
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face; to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk