variant of 嘗|尝; to taste; to experience

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
浅尝 淺嚐 qian3 chang2
dilettante; amateur; to dabble in; to flirt with (a topic)

浅尝辄止 淺嚐輒止 qian3 chang2 zhe2 zhi3
to dabble and stop (idiom); to dip into; to attempt half-heartedly; content with a smattering of knowledge; also written 淺嘗輒止|浅尝辄止

浅尝者 淺嚐者 qian3 chang2 zhe3
dilettante; amateur; dabbler

卧薪尝胆 臥薪嚐膽 wo4 xin1 chang2 dan3
lit. to lie on firewood and taste gall (idiom); fig. suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge