to tend toward; to guide; variant of 向

strokes 17
strokes after radical 16
冲向 衝嚮 chong1 xiang4
to charge into

面向 面嚮 mian4 xiang4
to face; to turn towards; to incline to; geared towards; catering for; -oriented; facial feature; appearance; aspect; facet

面向对象的技术 面嚮對象的技術 mian4 xiang4 dui4 xiang4 de5 ji4 shu4
object-oriented technology

面向对象语言 面嚮對象語言 mian4 xiang4 dui4 xiang4 yu3 yan2
object oriented language

面向连接 面嚮連接 mian4 xiang4 lian2 jie1

向导 嚮導 xiang4 dao3

向往 嚮往 xiang4 wang3
to yearn for; to look forward to