surname Yan

tight (closely sealed); stern; strict; rigorous; severe; father

strokes 19
strokes after radical 17
壁垒森严 壁壘森嚴 bi4 lei3 sen1 yan2
closely guarded; strongly fortified; sharply divided

从难从严 從難從嚴 cong2 nan2 cong2 yan2
demanding and strict (idiom); exacting

从严 從嚴 cong2 yan2
strict; rigorous; severely

从严惩处 從嚴懲處 cong2 yan2 cheng2 chu3
to deal with sb severely (idiom)

大方广佛华严经 大方廣佛華嚴經 da4 fang1 guang3 fo2 hua2 yan2 jing1
Avatamsaka sutra of the Huayan school; also called Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra, the Flower adornment sutra or the Garland sutra

华严经 華嚴經 hua2 yan2 jing1
Avatamsaka sutra of the Huayan school; also called Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra, the Flower adornment sutra or the Garland sutra

华严宗 華嚴宗 hua2 yan2 zong1
Chinese Buddhist school founded on the Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya Sutra (Garland sutra)

家严 家嚴 jia1 yan2
(polite) my father

解严 解嚴 jie3 yan2
to lift restrictions (such as curfew or martial law)

戒备森严 戒備森嚴 jie4 bei4 sen1 yan2

戒严 戒嚴 jie4 yan2
to impose martial law; to impose emergency measures

戒严令 戒嚴令 jie4 yan2 ling4
martial law

戒严区 戒嚴區 jie4 yan2 qu1
restricted area; zone of application of the martial law

谨严 謹嚴 jin3 yan2
meticulous; rigorous

楞严 楞嚴 leng4 yan2
one who surmounts all obstacles (Buddhism)

妻管严 妻管嚴 qi1 guan3 yan2
henpecked male

日趋严重 日趨嚴重 ri4 qu1 yan2 zhong4
more critical with every passing day

色厉词严 色厲詞嚴 se4 li4 ci2 yan2
severe in both looks and speech (idiom)

森严 森嚴 sen1 yan2
strict; rigid; tight (security)

威严 威嚴 wei1 yan2
dignified; imposing; august; awe-inspiring; awe; prestige; dignity

形势严峻 形勢嚴峻 xing2 shi4 yan2 jun4
in grave difficulties; the situation is grim

严把 嚴把 yan2 ba3
to be strict; to enforce vigorously (procedures, quality control etc)

严查 嚴查 yan2 cha2
to investigate strictly

严惩 嚴懲 yan2 cheng2
to punish severely

严惩不贷 嚴懲不貸 yan2 cheng2 bu4 dai4
to punish severely (idiom)

严斥 嚴斥 yan2 chi4
to scold; to censure

严饬 嚴飭 yan2 chi4
careful; precise

严慈 嚴慈 yan2 ci2
strict and compassionate; strict as a father and tender as a mother

严词 嚴詞 yan2 ci2
forceful (criticism etc); to use strong words

严辞 嚴辭 yan2 ci2
stern words

严打 嚴打 yan2 da3
to crack down on; to take severe measures against

严岛 嚴島 yan2 dao3
Itsukushima island in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, with a famous shrine

严岛神社 嚴島神社 yan2 dao3 shen2 she4
Itsukujima shrine in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

严冬 嚴冬 yan2 dong1
severe winter

严防 嚴防 yan2 fang2
to take strict precautions; on your guard

严复 嚴復 yan2 fu4
Yan Fu (1853-1921), influential Chinese writer and translator of Western books, esp. on social sciences

严父 嚴父 yan2 fu4
strict or stern father

严格 嚴格 yan2 ge2
strict; stringent; tight; rigorous

严格隔离 嚴格隔離 yan2 ge2 ge2 li2
rigorous isolation

严格来讲 嚴格來講 yan2 ge2 lai2 jiang3
strictly speaking

严格来说 嚴格來說 yan2 ge2 lai2 shuo1
strictly speaking

严寒 嚴寒 yan2 han2
bitter cold; severe winter

严加 嚴加 yan2 jia1
sternly; strictly; harshly; stringently; rigorously

严紧 嚴緊 yan2 jin3
strict; tight

严谨 嚴謹 yan2 jin3
rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit

严禁 嚴禁 yan2 jin4
to strictly prohibit

严峻 嚴峻 yan2 jun4
grim; severe; rigorous

严竣 嚴竣 yan2 jun4
tight; strict; severe; stern; difficult

严苛 嚴苛 yan2 ke1
severe; harsh

严酷 嚴酷 yan2 ku4
bitter; harsh; grim; ruthless; severe; cut-throat (competition)

严了眼儿 嚴了眼兒 yan2 le5 yan3 er5
up to the eyeballs; full to overflowing; jampacked

严厉 嚴厲 yan2 li4
severe; strict

严厉打击 嚴厲打擊 yan2 li4 da3 ji1
to strike a severe blow; to crack down; to take strong measures

严厉批评 嚴厲批評 yan2 li4 pi1 ping2
to criticize severely; to slate

严密 嚴密 yan2 mi4
strict; tight (organization, surveillance etc)

严明 嚴明 yan2 ming2
strict and impartial; firm

严实 嚴實 yan2 shi5
(sealed) tight; close; (hidden) safely; securely

严守 嚴守 yan2 shou3
to strictly maintain

严丝合缝 嚴絲合縫 yan2 si1 he2 feng4
to fit tightly (idiom); to join seamlessly; to fit snugly

严肃 嚴肅 yan2 su4
solemn; grave; serious; earnest; severe

严刑 嚴刑 yan2 xing2
strict law; cruel punishment; to carry out cruel law rigorously

严刑拷打 嚴刑拷打 yan2 xing2 kao3 da3
torture; interrogation by torture

严严实实 嚴嚴實實 yan2 yan2 shi2 shi2
(sealed) tightly; (wrapped) closely; (covered) completely

严以责己宽以待人 嚴以責己寬以待人 yan2 yi3 ze2 ji3 kuan1 yi3 dai4 ren2
to be severe with oneself and lenient with others (idiom)

严于律己 嚴於律己 yan2 yu2 lv4 ji3
to be strict with oneself

严整 嚴整 yan2 zheng3
(of troops) in neat formation; (fig.) orderly

严正 嚴正 yan2 zheng4
sternly; solemn

严重 嚴重 yan2 zhong4
grave; serious; severe; critical

严重关切 嚴重關切 yan2 zhong4 guan1 qie4
serious concern

严重后果 嚴重後果 yan2 zhong4 hou4 guo3
grave consequence; serious repercussion

严重急性呼吸系统综合症 嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症 yan2 zhong4 ji2 xing4 hu1 xi1 xi4 tong3 zong1 he2 zheng4
severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

严重破坏 嚴重破壞 yan2 zhong4 po4 huai4
serious damage

严重危害 嚴重危害 yan2 zhong4 wei1 hai4
severe harm; critical danger

严重问题 嚴重問題 yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2
serious problem

严重性 嚴重性 yan2 zhong4 xing4

严以律己 嚴以律己 yan3 yi3 lv4 ji3
to be strict with oneself (idiom); to demand a lot of oneself

义正辞严 義正辭嚴 yi4 zheng4 ci2 yan2
to speak forcibly out of a sense of righteousness (idiom)

章孝严 章孝嚴 zhang1 xiao4 yan2
John Chang (Taiwan Foreign Minister)

庄严 莊嚴 zhuang1 yan2
solemn; dignified; stately

嘴严 嘴嚴 zui3 yan2
prudent in speech

尊严 尊嚴 zun1 yan2
dignity; sanctity; honor; majesty