to enjoin; to implore; to urge

strokes 24
strokes after radical 21
叮嘱 叮囑 ding1 zhu3
to warn repeatedly; to urge; to exhort again and again

千叮万嘱 千叮萬囑 qian1 ding1 wan4 zhu3
repeatedly urging; imploring over and over again

切嘱 切囑 qie4 zhu3
urgent advice; to exhort

医嘱 醫囑 yi1 zhu3
prescription (medicine); doctor's advice

遗嘱 遺囑 yi2 zhu3
testament; will

嘱咐 囑咐 zhu3 fu4
to tell; to exhort; injunction

嘱托 囑託 zhu3 tuo1
to entrust a task to sb else

遵医嘱 遵醫囑 zun1 yi1 zhu3
to follow the doctor's advice; as instructed by the physician