old variant of 因

cause; reason; because

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
埃因霍温 埃因霍溫 ai1 yin1 huo4 wen1
Eindhoven (city in the Netherlands)

爱因斯坦 愛因斯坦 ai4 yin1 si1 tan3
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born theoretical physicist

本因坊 本因坊 ben3 yin1 fang1
Honinbo, major school of Go in Japan (1612-1940); title held by the winner of the Honinbo Go tournament (1941-)

本因坊秀策 本因坊秀策 ben3 yin1 fang1 xiu4 ce4
Honinbo Shusaku (1829-1862), Japanese Go player

病因 病因 bing4 yin1
cause of disease; pathogen

病因学 病因學 bing4 yin1 xue2
pathological science (TCM)

病因子 病因子 bing4 yin1 zi5
cause of disease; pathogen; factor

插入因子 插入因子 cha1 ru4 yin1 zi3
insertion element

陈陈相因 陳陳相因 chen2 chen2 xiang1 yin1
to follow a set routine

成因 成因 cheng2 yin1
cause; factor; cause of formation

充填因数 充填因數 chong1 tian2 yin1 shu4
complementary factor

达因 達因 da2 yin1
dyne (loanword)

倒果为因 倒果為因 dao4 guo3 wei2 yin1
to reverse cause and effect; to put the horse before the cart

得梅因 得梅因 de2 mei2 yin1
Des Moines, capital of Iowa

德梅因 德梅因 de2 mei2 yin1
Des Moines, capital of Iowa

等位基因 等位基因 deng3 wei4 ji1 yin1
allele (one of two paired gene in diploid organism)

等因奉此 等因奉此 deng3 yin1 feng4 ci3
officialese; official routine; (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...

动因 動因 dong4 yin1
motivation; moving force; underlying force; agent

公因式 公因式 gong1 yin1 shi4
common factor; common divisor (of a math. expression)

公因子 公因子 gong1 yin1 zi3
common factor; common divisor

海洛因 海洛因 hai3 luo4 yin1
heroin (loanword)

侯赛因 侯賽因 hou2 sai4 yin1
Husain or Hussein (name); Hussein (c. 626-680), Muslim leader whose martyrdom is commemorated at Ashura; Saddam Hussein al Tikriti (1937-2006), dictator of Iraq 1979-2003

互为因果 互為因果 hu4 wei2 yin1 guo3
mutually related karma (idiom); fates are intertwined; interdependent

环境因素 環境因素 huan2 jing4 yin1 su4
environmental factor

基因 基因 ji1 yin1
gene (loanword)

基因变异 基因變異 ji1 yin1 bian4 yi4
genetic variation

基因改造 基因改造 ji1 yin1 gai3 zao4
genetic modification (GM)

基因工程 基因工程 ji1 yin1 gong1 cheng2
genetic engineering

基因技术 基因技術 ji1 yin1 ji4 shu4
genetic technology; biotechnology

基因库 基因庫 ji1 yin1 ku4
gene bank

基因扩大 基因擴大 ji1 yin1 kuo4 da4
gene amplification

基因码 基因碼 ji1 yin1 ma3
genetic code

基因染色体异常 基因染色體異常 ji1 yin1 ran3 se4 ti3 yi4 chang2
genetic chromosome abnormality

基因突变 基因突變 ji1 yin1 tu1 bian4
genetic mutation

基因图谱 基因圖譜 ji1 yin1 tu2 pu3
mapping of genome

基因型 基因型 ji1 yin1 xing2

基因修改 基因修改 ji1 yin1 xiu1 gai3
genetic modification

基因学 基因學 ji1 yin1 xue2

基因治疗 基因治療 ji1 yin1 zhi4 liao2
gene therapy

基因组 基因組 ji1 yin1 zu3

皆因 皆因 jie1 yin1
simply because; all because

近因 近因 jin4 yin1
immediate cause; proximate cause

咖啡因 咖啡因 ka1 fei1 yin1
caffeine (loanword)

卡尔文克莱因 卡爾文克萊因 ka3 er3 wen2 ke4 lai2 yin1
Calvin Klein CK (brand)

康拜因 康拜因 kang1 bai4 yin1
combine (loanword); harvester

可待因 可待因 ke3 dai4 yin1
codeine (loanword)

可卡因 可卡因 ke3 ka3 yin1
cocaine (loanword)

克莱因 克萊因 ke4 lai2 yin1
Klein or Kline (name); Felix Klein (1849-1925), German mathematician

空穴来风未必无因 空穴來風未必無因 kong4 xue2 lai2 feng1 wei4 bi4 wu2 yin1
wind does not come from an empty cave without reason; there's no smoke without fire (idiom)

苦因 苦因 ku3 yin1

兰因絮果 蘭因絮果 lan2 yin1 xu4 guo3
starts well but ends in separation (of marital relations)

类风湿因子 類風濕因子 lei4 feng1 shi1 yin1 zi3
rheumatoid factor

理化因素 理化因素 li3 hua4 yin1 su4
physical and chemical factors

利多卡因 利多卡因 li4 duo1 ka3 yin1
lidocaine (loanword)

卢因 盧因 lu2 yin1
Lewin (name); Kurt Lewing (1890-1944), German American psychologist of the Gestalt school, the author of Field Theory

美因茨 美因茨 mei3 yin1 ci2
Mainz (city in Germany)

迷因 迷因 mi2 yin1
meme (loanword)

缅因 緬因 mian3 yin1
Maine, US state

缅因州 緬因州 mian3 yin1 zhou1
Maine, US state

模因 模因 mo2 yin1
meme (loanword)

普鲁卡因 普魯卡因 pu3 lu3 ka3 yin1
procaine (nerve blocking agent) (loanword)

起因 起因 qi3 yin1
cause; a factor (leading to an effect)

前因 前因 qian2 yin1

前因后果 前因後果 qian2 yin1 hou4 guo3
cause and effects (idiom); entire process of development

人类基因组计划 人類基因組計劃 ren2 lei4 ji1 yin1 zu3 ji4 hua4
Human Genome Project

萨达姆·侯赛因 薩達姆·侯賽因 sa4 da2 mu3 - hou2 sai4 yin1
Saddam Hussein

赛因斯 賽因斯 sai4 yin1 si1
science (loanword)

斯坦因 斯坦因 si1 tan3 yin1
Stein (name); Marc Aurel Stein (1862-1943), British adventurer and archaeologist who explorer Xinjiang in early 20th century

死因 死因 si3 yin1
cause of death

死因不明 死因不明 si3 yin1 bu4 ming2
unknown cause of death

脱咖啡因 脫咖啡因 tuo1 ka1 fei1 yin1
decaffeinated; decaf; see also 無咖啡因|无咖啡因

无咖啡因 無咖啡因 wu2 ka1 fei1 yin1
decaffeinated; decaf

细胞因子 細胞因子 xi4 bao1 yin1 zi3

显性基因 顯性基因 xian3 xing4 ji1 yin1
dominant gene

因爱成恨 因愛成恨 yin1 ai4 cheng2 hen4
hatred caused by love (idiom); to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person

因变量 因變量 yin1 bian4 liang4
dependent variable

因材施教 因材施教 yin1 cai2 shi1 jiao4
(idiom) to teach in line with the student's ability

因此 因此 yin1 ci3
thus; consequently; as a result

因地制宜 因地制宜 yin1 di4 zhi4 yi2
(idiom) to use methods in line with local circumstances

因而 因而 yin1 er2
therefore; as a result; thus; and as a result, ...

因父之名 因父之名 yin1 fu4 zhi1 ming2
in the Name of the Father (in Christian worship)

因公 因公 yin1 gong1
in the course of doing one's work; on business

因公殉职 因公殉職 yin1 gong1 xun4 zhi2
to die as in the line of duty (idiom)

因故 因故 yin1 gu4
for some reason

因果 因果 yin1 guo3
karma; cause and effect

因祸得福 因禍得福 yin1 huo4 de2 fu2
to profit from a disaster (idiom); some good comes out of a setback; It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

因利乘便 因利乘便 yin1 li4 cheng2 bian4
(idiom) to rely on the most favorable method

因陋就简 因陋就簡 yin1 lou4 jiu4 jian3
crude but simple methods (idiom); use whatever methods you can; to do things simply and thriftily; It's not pretty but it works.

因纽特 因紐特 yin1 niu3 te4
Inuit (politically correct term for Eskimo 愛斯基摩人|爱斯基摩人)

因纽特人 因紐特人 yin1 niu3 te4 ren2

因人成事 因人成事 yin1 ren2 cheng2 shi4
to get things done relying on others (idiom); with a little help from his friends

因人而异 因人而異 yin1 ren2 er2 yi4
varying from person to person (idiom); different for each individual

因如此 因如此 yin1 ru2 ci3
because of this

因时制宜 因時制宜 yin1 shi2 zhi4 yi2
(idiom) to use methods appropriate to the current situation

因式 因式 yin1 shi4
factor; divisor (of a math. expression)

因式分解 因式分解 yin1 shi4 fen1 jie3

因势利导 因勢利導 yin1 shi4 li4 dao3
to take advantage of the new situation (idiom); to make the best of new opportunities

因数 因數 yin1 shu4
factor (of an integer); divisor

因斯布鲁克 因斯布魯克 yin1 si1 bu4 lu3 ke4
Innsbruck, city in Austria

因素 因素 yin1 su4
element; factor

因特网 因特網 yin1 te4 wang3

因特网联通 因特網聯通 yin1 te4 wang3 lian2 tong1
Internet connection

因特网提供商 因特網提供商 yin1 te4 wang3 ti2 gong1 shang1
Internet service provider (ISP)

因陀罗 因陀羅 yin1 tuo2 luo2
Indra (a Hindu deity)

因为 因為 yin1 wei4
because; owing to; on account of

因袭 因襲 yin1 xi2
to follow old patterns; to imitate existing models; to continue along the same lines

因小失大 因小失大 yin1 xiao3 shi1 da4
to save a little only to lose a lot (idiom)

因循 因循 yin1 xun2
to continue the same old routine; to carry on just as before; to procrastinate

因循守旧 因循守舊 yin1 xun2 shou3 jiu4
(idiom) to continue in the same old rut; diehard conservative attitudes

因噎废食 因噎廢食 yin1 ye1 fei4 shi2
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face; to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk

因应 因應 yin1 ying4
to respond accordingly to; to adapt to; to cope with

因由 因由 yin1 you2
reason; cause; predestined relationship (Buddhism)

因缘 因緣 yin1 yuan2
chance; opportunity; predestined relationship; (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes; chain of cause and effect

因孕而婚 因孕而婚 yin1 yun4 er2 hun1
shotgun wedding (idiom)

因子 因子 yin1 zi3
factor; (genetic) trait; (math.) factor; divisor

隐性基因 隱性基因 yin3 xing4 ji1 yin1
recessive gene

诱因 誘因 you4 yin1
cause; triggering factor; incentive; inducement

原因 原因 yuan2 yin1
cause; origin; root cause; reason

远因 遠因 yuan3 yin1
indirect cause; remote cause

肇因 肇因 zhao4 yin1
cause; origin

质因数 質因數 zhi4 yin1 shu4
prime factor (in arithmetic)

主因 主因 zhu3 yin1
main reason

转基因 轉基因 zhuan3 ji1 yin1
genetic modification

转基因食品 轉基因食品 zhuan3 ji1 yin1 shi2 pin3
genetically modified (GM) food

兹因 茲因 zi1 yin1
(formal) whereas; since

最大公因子 最大公因子 zui4 da4 gong1 yin1 zi3
highest common factor HCF; greatest common divisor GCD