to trap; to surround; hard-pressed; stranded; destitute

sleepy; tired

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
不为酒困 不為酒困 bu4 wei2 jiu3 kun4
not a slave to the bottle; able to enjoy alcohol in moderation; able to hold one's drink

春困 春困 chun1 kun4
spring fatigue; spring fever

道德困境 道德困境 dao4 de2 kun4 jing4
ethical dilemma

发困 發睏 fa1 kun4
to get sleepy

犯困 犯睏 fan4 kun4
(coll.) to get sleepy

扶困济危 扶困濟危 fu2 kun4 ji4 wei1
see 濟危扶困|济危扶困

扶贫济困 扶貧濟困 fu2 pin2 ji4 kun4
to help the poor; almsgiving for the needy; to assist poor households or poor regions

扶危济困 扶危濟困 fu2 wei1 ji4 kun4
to help those in distress (idiom)

济困扶危 濟困扶危 ji4 kun4 fu2 wei1
to help those in distress (idiom)

济危扶困 濟危扶困 ji4 wei1 fu2 kun4
to help people in difficulty and bring relief to the needy (idiom)

交困 交困 jiao1 kun4
beset with difficulties

经济困境 經濟困境 jing1 ji4 kun4 jing4
economic difficulty

困顿 困頓 kun4 dun4
fatigued; exhausted; poverty-stricken; in straitened circumstances

困厄 困厄 kun4 e4
in deep water; difficult situation

困惑 困惑 kun4 huo4
bewildered; perplexed; confused; difficult problem; perplexity

困惑不解 困惑不解 kun4 huo4 bu4 jie3
to feel perplexed

困觉 睏覺 kun4 jiao4
(dialect) to sleep

困境 困境 kun4 jing4
predicament; plight

困窘 困窘 kun4 jiong3

困局 困局 kun4 ju2
dilemma; predicament; difficult situation

困倦 困倦 kun4 juan4
tired; weary

困苦 困苦 kun4 ku3
deprivation; distressed; miserable

困难在于 困難在於 kun4 nan2 zai4 yu2
the problem is...

困难 困難 kun4 nan5
difficult; challenging; straitened circumstances; difficult situation

困扰 困擾 kun4 rao3
to perplex; to disturb; to cause complications

困守 困守 kun4 shou3
to stand a siege; trapped in a besieged city

困兽犹斗 困獸猶鬥 kun4 shou4 you2 dou4
a cornered beast will still fight (idiom); to fight like an animal at bay

面临困难 面臨困難 mian4 lin2 kun4 nan2
to be faced with problems

内忧外困 內憂外困 nei4 you1 wai4 kun4
internal trouble and outside aggression (idiom); in a mess both domestically and abroad

疲困 疲困 pi2 kun4

贫困 貧困 pin2 kun4
impoverished; poverty

贫困地区 貧困地區 pin2 kun4 di4 qu1
poor region; impoverished area

贫困率 貧困率 pin2 kun4 lv4
poverty rate

穷困 窮困 qiong2 kun4
destitute; wretched poverty

人困马乏 人困馬乏 ren2 kun4 ma3 fa2
riders tired and horses weary; worn out; exhausted; spent; fatigued

使困扰 使困擾 shi3 kun4 rao3
to harass

受困 受困 shou4 kun4
trapped; stranded

纾困 紓困 shu1 kun4
to provide financial relief; to bail out (financially); financial relief; bailout

诵读困难症 誦讀困難症 song4 du2 kun4 nan5 zheng4

吞咽困难 吞嚥困難 tun1 yan4 kun4 nan2
dysphagia (medicine)

危困 危困 wei1 kun4
grave situation

围困 圍困 wei2 kun4
to besiege

咽下困难 嚥下困難 yan4 xia4 kun4 nan2
dysphagia (medicine)

益觉困难 益覺困難 yi4 jue2 kun4 nan5
to find sth increasingly difficult

赒急扶困 賙急扶困 zhou1 ji2 fu2 kun4
disaster relief