(located) at; (to be) in; to exist; in the middle of doing sth; (indicating an action in progress)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
安闲自在 安閑自在 an1 xian2 zi4 zai5
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease

把心放在肚子里 把心放在肚子裡 ba3 xin1 fang4 zai4 du4 zi5 li3
(coll.) to be completely at ease

包在我身上 包在我身上 bao1 zai4 wo3 shen1 shang5
leave it to me (idiom); I'll take care of it

包子有肉不在褶上 包子有肉不在褶上 bao1 zi5 you3 rou4 bu4 zai4 zhe3 shang4
a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)

并不在乎 並不在乎 bing4 bu4 zai4 hu5
really does not care

不要在一棵树上吊死 不要在一棵樹上吊死 bu4 yao4 zai4 yi1 ke1 shu4 shang4 diao4 si3
don't insist on only taking one road to Rome (idiom); there's more than one way to skin a cat

不在 不在 bu4 zai4
not to be present; to be out; (euphemism) to pass away; to be deceased

不在乎 不在乎 bu4 zai4 hu5
not to care

不在话下 不在話下 bu4 zai4 hua4 xia4
to be nothing difficult; to be a cinch

不在了 不在了 bu4 zai4 le5
to be dead; to have passed away

不在其位不谋其政 不在其位不謀其政 bu4 zai4 qi2 wei4 bu4 mou4 qi2 zheng4
don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)

不在意 不在意 bu4 zai4 yi4
to pay no attention to; not to mind

不在状态 不在狀態 bu4 zai4 zhuang4 tai4
to be out of form; not to be oneself

不自在 不自在 bu4 zi4 zai5
uneasiness; feel uncomfortable

成败在此一举 成敗在此一舉 cheng2 bai4 zai4 ci3 yi1 ju3
win or lose, it all ends here; this is the moment to shine

成竹在胸 成竹在胸 cheng2 zhu2 zai4 xiong1
see 胸有成竹

处在 處在 chu3 zai4
to be situated at; to find oneself at

揣在怀里 揣在懷裡 chuai1 zai4 huai2 li3
to tuck into one's bosom; also written 搋在懷裡|搋在怀里

搋在怀里 搋在懷裡 chuai1 zai4 huai2 li3
to tuck into one's bosom; also written 揣在懷裡|揣在怀里

存在 存在 cun2 zai4
to exist; to be; existence

存在主义 存在主義 cun2 zai4 zhu3 yi4

大权在握 大權在握 da4 quan2 zai4 wo4
to be in a position of power

大有人在 大有人在 da4 you3 ren2 zai4
there are plenty of such people

到现在 到現在 dao4 xian4 zai4
up until now; to date

独在异乡为异客 獨在異鄉為異客 du2 zai4 yi4 xiang1 wei2 yi4 ke4
a stranger in a strange land (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)

放在心上 放在心上 fang4 zai4 xin1 shang4
to care about; to take seriously; to take to heart

放在眼里 放在眼裡 fang4 zai4 yan3 li3
to pay attention to; to care about; to attach importance to

高高在上 高高在上 gao1 gao1 zai4 shang4
set up on high (idiom); not in touch with reality; aloof and remote

骨鲠在喉 骨鯁在喉 gu3 geng3 zai4 hou2
fish bone stuck in one's throat (idiom); fig. to feel obliged to speak out candidly; sth on one's mind

挂在嘴边 掛在嘴邊 gua4 zai4 zui3 bian1
to keep saying (sth) over and over

挂在嘴上 掛在嘴上 gua4 zai5 zui3 shang5
to pay lip service to; to keep mentioning (without doing anything); to blather on about sth

好戏还在后头 好戲還在後頭 hao3 xi4 hai2 zai4 hou4 tou5
the best part of the show is yet to come; (with ironic tone) the worst is yet to come; you ain't seen nothin' yet

好在 好在 hao3 zai4
luckily; fortunately

何在 何在 he2 zai4
where?; what place?

怀恨在心 懷恨在心 huai2 hen4 zai4 xin1
to harbor hard feelings

记在心里 記在心裡 ji4 zai4 xin1 li5
to keep in mind; to store in one's heart; to remember perfectly

近在眼前 近在眼前 jin4 zai4 yan3 qian2
right under one's nose; right in front of one's eyes; close at hand; imminent

近在咫尺 近在咫尺 jin4 zai4 zhi3 chi3
to be almost within reach; to be close at hand

居心何在 居心何在 ju1 xin1 he2 zai4
What's (he) up to?; What's the motive behind all this?

聚在一起 聚在一起 ju4 zai4 yi1 qi3
to get together

看在 看在 kan4 zai4
(in the expression 看在 ... 的份上|看在 ... 的分上) for the sake of ...; considering ...

看在眼里 看在眼裡 kan4 zai4 yan3 li5
to observe; to take it all in

困难在于 困難在於 kun4 nan2 zai4 yu2
the problem is...

老骥伏枥,志在千里 老驥伏櫪,志在千里 lao3 ji4 fu2 li4 - zhi4 zai4 qian1 li3
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. old people may still cherish high aspirations

老神在在 老神在在 lao3 shen2 zai4 zai4
calm; unperturbed; (Taiwanese, POJ pr. )

老鼠拖木锨,大头在后头 老鼠拖木鍁,大頭在後頭 lao3 shu3 tuo1 mu4 xian1 - da4 tou2 zai4 hou4 tou5
when the mice drag a shovel, the biggest thing comes second; the tip of the iceberg; the cockroach principle

乐在其中 樂在其中 le4 zai4 qi2 zhong1
to take pleasure in sth (idiom)

历历在目 歷歷在目 li4 li4 zai4 mu4
vivid in one's mind (idiom)

留得青山在,不怕没柴烧 留得青山在,不怕沒柴燒 liu2 de5 qing1 shan1 zai4 - bu4 pa4 mei2 chai2 shao1
While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn (idiom). Where there's life there's hope.

满不在乎 滿不在乎 man3 bu4 zai4 hu5
not in the least concerned (idiom); reckless; couldn't give a damn about it; unperturbed; couldn't care less; harum scarum

芒刺在背 芒刺在背 mang2 ci4 zai4 bei4
feeling brambles and thorns in one's back (idiom); uneasy and nervous; to be on pins and needles

毛出在羊身上 毛出在羊身上 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

美国在线 美國在線 mei3 guo2 zai4 xian4
America Online (AOL)

蒙在鼓里 矇在鼓裡 meng2 zai4 gu3 li3
variant of 蒙在鼓裡|蒙在鼓里

蒙在鼓里 蒙在鼓裡 meng2 zai4 gu3 li3
lit. kept inside a drum (idiom); fig. completely in the dark

朦在鼓里 朦在鼓裡 meng2 zai4 gu3 li3
variant of 蒙在鼓裡|蒙在鼓里

妙在不言中 妙在不言中 miao4 zai4 bu4 yan2 zhong1
the charm lies in what is left unsaid (idiom)

命在旦夕 命在旦夕 ming4 zai4 dan4 xi1
to be at death's door (idiom)

谋事在人,成事在天 謀事在人,成事在天 mou2 shi4 zai4 ren2 - cheng2 shi4 zai4 tian1
planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven (idiom); Man proposes but God disposes.

内在 內在 nei4 zai4
inner; internal; intrinsic; innate

内在超越 內在超越 nei4 zai4 chao1 yue4
inner transcendence (perfection through one's own inner moral cultivation, as in Confucianism, for example)

内在几何 內在幾何 nei4 zai4 ji3 he2
intrinsic geometry

内在几何学 內在幾何學 nei4 zai4 ji3 he2 xue2
intrinsic geometry

内在坐标 內在座標 nei4 zai4 zuo4 biao1
intrinsic coordinates (geometry)

念兹在兹 念茲在茲 nian4 zi1 zai4 zi1
see 念念不忘

迫在眉睫 迫在眉睫 po4 zai4 mei2 jie2
pressing in on one's eyelashes (idiom); imminent

潜在 潛在 qian2 zai4
hidden; potential; latent

潜在媒介 潛在媒介 qian2 zai4 mei2 jie4
potential vector

潜在危险度 潛在危險度 qian2 zai4 wei1 xian3 du4
latent hazard

潜在威胁 潛在威脅 qian2 zai4 wei1 xie2
potential threat; potential menace

穷在闹市无人问,富在深山有远亲 窮在鬧市無人問,富在深山有遠親 qiong2 zai4 nao4 shi4 wu2 ren2 wen4 - fu4 zai4 shen1 shan1 you3 yuan3 qin1
the poor are ignored in the busiest city; the rich will find relatives in the deepest mountain

人在江湖,身不由己 人在江湖,身不由己 ren2 zai4 jiang1 hu2 - shen1 bu4 you2 ji3
you can't always do as you like; one has to compromise in this world (idiom)

如鲠在喉 如鯁在喉 ru2 geng3 zai4 hou2
lit. as if having a fish bone stuck in one's throat (idiom); fig. very upset and needing to express one's displeasure

设在 設在 she4 zai4
located at; set up in a particular location

谁笑在最后,谁笑得最好 誰笑在最後,誰笑得最好 shei2 xiao4 zai4 zui4 hou4 - shei2 xiao4 de2 zui4 hao3
He laughs best who laughs last.

身在曹营心在汉 身在曹營心在漢 shen1 zai4 cao2 ying2 xin1 zai4 han4
live in Cao camp but have the heart in Han camp (idiom.); to be somewhere while longing to be somewhere else

身在福中不知福 身在福中不知福 shen1 zai4 fu2 zhong1 bu4 zhi1 fu2
to live in plenty without appreciating it (idiom); not to know when one is well off

生命在于运动 生命在於運動 sheng1 ming4 zai4 yu2 yun4 dong4
life is motion (popular saying with many possible interpretations); Physical effort is vital for our bodies to function (Aristotle).; Life derives from physical exercise.

胜利在望 勝利在望 sheng4 li4 zai4 wang4
victory is in sight

师父领进门,修行在个人 師父領進門,修行在個人 shi1 fu5 ling3 jin4 men2 - xiu1 xing2 zai4 ge4 ren2
the master leads you to the door, the rest is up to you; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

实在 實在 shi2 zai4
really; actually; indeed; true; real; honest; dependable; (philosophy) reality

势在必得 勢在必得 shi4 zai4 bi4 de2
to be determined to win (idiom)

势在必行 勢在必行 shi4 zai4 bi4 xing2
circumstances require action (idiom); absolutely necessary; imperative

事在人为 事在人為 shi4 zai4 ren2 wei2
the matter depends on the individual (idiom); it is a matter for your own effort; With effort, one can achieve anything.

所在 所在 suo3 zai4
place; location; whereabouts; domicile; to be located; to belong to (organization etc)

所在地 所在地 suo3 zai4 di4
location; site

太阳照在桑干河上 太陽照在桑乾河上 tai4 yang2 zhao4 zai4 sang1 gan1 he2 shang4
The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, proletarian novel by Ding Ling, winner of 1951 Stalin prize

螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后 螳螂捕蟬,黃雀在後 tang2 lang2 bu3 chan2 - huang2 que4 zai4 hou4
the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind (idiom, from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子); to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger

同在 同在 tong2 zai4
to be with

外在 外在 wai4 zai4
external; extrinsic

外在超越 外在超越 wai4 zai4 chao1 yue4
outer transcendence (perfection through the agency of God)

危在旦夕 危在旦夕 wei1 zai4 dan4 xi1
in imminent peril (idiom); on the brink of crisis

无处不在 無處不在 wu2 chu4 bu4 zai4
to be everywhere

无所不在 無所不在 wu2 suo3 bu4 zai4

无限风光在险峰 無限風光在險峰 wu2 xian4 feng1 guang1 zai4 xian3 feng1
The boundless vista is at the perilous peak (proverb); fig. exhilaration follows a hard-won victory

鲜花插在牛粪上 鮮花插在牛糞上 xian1 hua1 cha1 zai4 niu2 fen4 shang4
lit. a bunch of flowers poked into a pile of manure; fig. a terrible shame (as when a lovely woman marries an odious man)

闲在 閑在 xian2 zai5
at leisure

现在 現在 xian4 zai4
now; at present; at the moment; modern; current; nowadays

现在分词 現在分詞 xian4 zai4 fen1 ci2
present participle (in English grammar)

现在式 現在式 xian4 zai4 shi4
present tense

现在是过去钥匙 現在是過去鑰匙 xian4 zai4 shi4 guo4 qu5 yao4 shi5
Today is the key to the past.

项庄舞剑,意在沛公 項莊舞劍,意在沛公 xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4 - yi4 zai4 pei4 gong1
lit. Xiang Zhuang performs the sword dance, but his mind is set on Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 (idiom); refers to 206 BC plot to murder Liu Bang, aka Duke of Pei 沛公 and the future Han emperor, during a sword dance at Feast at Hongmen 鴻門宴|鸿门宴; an elaborate deception to

项庄舞剑,志在沛公 項莊舞劍,志在沛公 xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4 - zhi4 zai4 pei4 gong1
see 項莊舞劍,意在沛公|项庄舞剑,意在沛公

逍遥自在 逍遙自在 xiao1 yao2 zi4 zai5
free and at leisure (idiom); unfettered; outside the reach of the law (of criminal); at large

心不在焉 心不在焉 xin1 bu4 zai4 yan1
absent-minded; preoccupied; inattentive; with one's thoughts wandering

言犹在耳 言猶在耳 yan2 you2 zai4 er3
words still ringing in one's ears (idiom)

羊毛出在羊身上 羊毛出在羊身上 yang2 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

养兵千日,用在一时 養兵千日,用在一時 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 shi2
see 養兵千日,用兵一時|养兵千日,用兵一时

养兵千日,用在一朝 養兵千日,用在一朝 yang3 bing1 qian1 ri4 - yong4 zai4 yi1 zhao1
lit. train an army for a thousand days to use it for one morning (idiom); fig. extensive preparation eventually pays off

一个幽灵在欧洲游荡 一個幽靈在歐洲遊蕩 yi1 ge4 you1 ling2 zai4 ou1 zhou1 you2 dang4
Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa.; the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"

一年之计在于春 一年之計在於春 yi1 nian2 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chun1
the whole year must be planned for in the spring (idiom); early planning is the key to success

一日之计在于晨 一日之計在於晨 yi1 ri4 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chen2
make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom); early morning is the golden time of the day

意存笔先,画尽意在 意存筆先,畫盡意在 yi4 cun2 bi3 xian1 - hua4 jin4 yi4 zai4
the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through

义之所在 義之所在 yi4 zhi1 suo3 zai4
justice is to be found everywhere (idiom)

有约在先 有約在先 you3 yue1 zai4 xian1
to have a prior engagement

在编 在編 zai4 bian1
to be on the regular payroll; to be on the permanent staff

在场 在場 zai4 chang3
to be present; to be on the scene

在朝 在朝 zai4 chao2
sitting (currently serving, e.g. board members)

在此 在此 zai4 ci3
hereto; here

在此后 在此後 zai4 ci3 hou4
after this; from then on

在此之后 在此之後 zai4 ci3 zhi1 hou4
after this; afterwards; next

在此之际 在此之際 zai4 ci3 zhi1 ji4
meanwhile; at the same time

在此之前 在此之前 zai4 ci3 zhi1 qian2
before that; beforehand; previously

在地 在地 zai4 di4

在地下 在地下 zai4 di4 xia4

在高处 在高處 zai4 gao1 chu4

在行 在行 zai4 hang2
to be adept at sth; to be an expert in a trade or profession

在后 在後 zai4 hou4

在户外 在戶外 zai4 hu4 wai4

在乎 在乎 zai4 hu5
to care about; equivalent of 在於|在于

在华 在華 zai4 hua2
within China; during one's visit to China

在即 在即 zai4 ji2
near at hand; imminent; within sight

在家靠父母,出门靠朋友 在家靠父母,出門靠朋友 zai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 - chu1 men2 kao4 peng2 you5
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)

在家靠父母,出外靠朋友 在家靠父母,出外靠朋友 zai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 - chu1 wai4 kao4 peng2 you5
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)

在家千日好,出门一时难 在家千日好,出門一時難 zai4 jia1 qian1 ri4 hao3 - chu1 men2 yi1 shi2 nan2
lit. at home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort, but spending a day away from home can be challenging (idiom); fig. there's no place like home

在教 在教 zai4 jiao4
to be a believer (in a religion, esp. Islam)

在来米 在來米 zai4 lai2 mi3
long-grained non-glutinous rice (Tw)

在理 在理 zai4 li3
reasonable; sensible

在那儿 在那兒 zai4 na5 er5
(adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else); just (and nothing else)

在内 在內 zai4 nei4
(included) in it; among them

在旁 在旁 zai4 pang2
alongside; nearby

在其中 在其中 zai4 qi2 zhong1
therein; wherein

在前 在前 zai4 qian2
ahead; formerly; in the past

在枪口 在槍口 zai4 qiang1 kou3
at gunpoint

在身 在身 zai4 shen1
to possess; to be occupied or burdened with (work, a contract, a lawsuit)

在深处 在深處 zai4 shen1 chu4

在世 在世 zai4 shi4
to be alive

在室内 在室內 zai4 shi4 nei4

在诉讼期间 在訴訟期間 zai4 su4 song4 qi1 jian1
pendente lite; during litigation

在所不辞 在所不辭 zai4 suo3 bu4 ci2
not to refuse to (idiom); not to hesitate to

在所不计 在所不計 zai4 suo3 bu4 ji4
irrespective of; to have no concerns whatsoever about

在所难免 在所難免 zai4 suo3 nan2 mian3
to be unavoidable (idiom)

在逃 在逃 zai4 tao2
to be at large (of a criminal)

在天愿做比翼鸟,在地愿做连理枝 在天願做比翼鳥,在地願做連理枝 zai4 tian1 yuan4 zuo4 bi3 yi4 niao3 - zai4 di4 yuan4 zuo4 lian2 li3 zhi1
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined; wishing for conjugal bliss

在天之灵 在天之靈 zai4 tian1 zhi1 ling2
soul and spirit of the deceased

在途 在途 zai4 tu2
in transit (of passengers, goods etc)

在外 在外 zai4 wai4

在位 在位 zai4 wei4
on the throne; reigning (monarch)

在位时代 在位時代 zai4 wei4 shi2 dai4
reign (of a king, emperor etc)

在我看 在我看 zai4 wo3 kan4
in my opinion; in my view

在握 在握 zai4 wo4
(fig.) to hold in one's hands; to be within grasp

在下 在下 zai4 xia4
under; myself (humble)

在下方 在下方 zai4 xia4 fang1

在下面 在下面 zai4 xia4 mian4

在先 在先 zai4 xian1
to come first; previous; prior; beforehand; first; formerly

在线 在線 zai4 xian4

在眼前 在眼前 zai4 yan3 qian2
now; at the present

在野 在野 zai4 ye3
to be out of (political) office; to be out of power

在野党 在野黨 zai4 ye3 dang3
opposition party

在一起 在一起 zai4 yi1 qi3

在意 在意 zai4 yi4
to care about; to mind

在于 在於 zai4 yu2
to be in; to lie in; to consist in; to depend on; to rest with

在这期间 在這期間 zai4 zhe4 qi1 jian1
during time; in this time

在这之前 在這之前 zai4 zhe4 zhi1 qian2
before then; up until that point

在真空中 在真空中 zai4 zhen1 kong1 zhong1
in a vacuum

在职 在職 zai4 zhi2
to be employed; to be in post; on-the-job

在职训练 在職訓練 zai4 zhi2 xun4 lian4
on-the-job training

在座 在座 zai4 zuo4
to be present

早在 早在 zao3 zai4
as early as

找不自在 找不自在 zhao3 bu4 zi4 zai5
to ask for trouble; to bring misfortune on oneself

正在 正在 zheng4 zai4
just at (that time); right in (that place); right in the middle of (doing sth)

直到现在 直到現在 zhi2 dao4 xian4 zai4
even now; until now; right up to the present

旨在 旨在 zhi3 zai4
to have as its purpose; to be intended to; to aim to (do sth)

志不在此 志不在此 zhi4 bu4 zai4 ci3
to have one's ambitions elsewhere (idiom)

志在四方 志在四方 zhi4 zai4 si4 fang1
to aspire to travel far and make one's mark (idiom)

智珠在握 智珠在握 zhi4 zhu1 zai4 wo4
lit. to hold the pearl of wisdom (idiom); fig. to be endowed with extraordinary intelligence

珠玉在侧 珠玉在側 zhu1 yu4 zai4 ce4
gems at the side (idiom); flanked by genius

自由自在 自由自在 zi4 you2 zi4 zai4
free and easy (idiom); carefree; leisurely

自繇自在 自繇自在 zi4 you2 zi4 zai5
free and easy (idiom); carefree; leisurely

自在 自在 zi4 zai5
free; unrestrained; comfortable; at ease

醉翁之意不在酒 醉翁之意不在酒 zui4 weng1 zhi1 yi4 bu4 zai4 jiu3
wine-lover's heart is not in the cup (idiom); a drinker not really interested in alcohol; having an ulterior motive; to have other things in mind; with an ax to grind; accomplishing something besides what one set out to do

左券在握 左券在握 zuo3 quan4 zai4 wo4
to be assured of success (idiom)