surname Zuo

to sit; to take a seat; to take (a bus, airplane etc); to bear fruit; variant of 座

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
半跏坐 半跏坐 ban4 jia1 zuo4
sitting with one leg crossed (usu. of Bodhisattva)

并坐 並坐 bing4 zuo4
to sit together

乘坐 乘坐 cheng2 zuo4
to ride (in a vehicle)

搭坐 搭坐 da1 zuo4
to travel by; to ride on

打坐 打坐 da3 zuo4
to sit in meditation; to meditate

打坐坡 打坐坡 da3 zuo4 po1
(of a horse, dog etc) to sit back on one's haunches and refuse to be coaxed forward; (of a person) to brace oneself to resist being made to go forward; (fig.) to dig one's heels in

笛卡儿坐标制 笛卡兒座標制 di2 ka3 er2 zuo4 biao1 zhi4
Cartesian coordinate system

端坐 端坐 duan1 zuo4
to sit upright

反坐 反坐 fan3 zuo4
to sentence the accuser (and free the falsely accused defendant)

趺坐 趺坐 fu1 zuo4
to sit in the lotus position

横坐标 橫座標 heng2 zuo4 biao1
horizontal coordinate; abscissa

后坐 後坐 hou4 zuo4
recoil (of a gun); backlash

后坐力 後坐力 hou4 zuo4 li4
recoil (of a gun); backlash; reactive force

极坐标 極座標 ji2 zuo4 biao1
polar coordinates (math.)

极坐标系 極座標系 ji2 zuo4 biao1 xi4
system of polar coordinates

家累千金,坐不垂堂 家累千金,坐不垂堂 jia1 lei3 qian1 jin1 - zuo4 bu4 chui2 tang2
rich person does not sit under the eaves (idiom); prudent not to place oneself in danger

静坐 靜坐 jing4 zuo4
to sit quietly; to meditate; to stage a sit-in

静坐罢工 靜坐罷工 jing4 zuo4 ba4 gong1
sit-in strike

静坐不动 靜坐不動 jing4 zuo4 bu4 dong4
to sit still and do nothing; to sit tight

静坐不能 靜坐不能 jing4 zuo4 bu4 neng2
akathisia (condition of restlessness, a side-effect of neuroleptic antipsychotic drug); unable to sit still; hyperactivity; restlessness

静坐抗议 靜坐抗議 jing4 zuo4 kang4 yi4
sit-in protest

静坐抗议示威 靜坐抗議示威 jing4 zuo4 kang4 yi4 shi4 wei1
sit-in protest demonstration

连坐 連坐 lian2 zuo4
to treat as guilty those associated with an offender (family, neighbors etc)

连坐制 連坐制 lian2 zuo4 zhi4
guilt by association

落坐 落坐 luo4 zuo4
to sit down

满坐寂然 滿坐寂然 man3 zuo4 ji4 ran2
the whole audience silent with expectation

默坐 默坐 mo4 zuo4
to sit silently

内在坐标 內在座標 nei4 zai4 zuo4 biao1
intrinsic coordinates (geometry)

平起平坐 平起平坐 ping2 qi3 ping2 zuo4
to be on an equal footing

骑坐 騎坐 qi2 zuo4
to sit astride; to ride

跂坐 跂坐 qi4 zuo4
to sit with legs dangling

全跏坐 全跏坐 quan2 jia1 zuo4
crossed leg posture (usu. of Buddha)

让坐 讓坐 rang4 zuo4
to give up one's seat; to be seated

任凭风浪起,稳坐钓鱼台 任憑風浪起,穩坐釣魚臺 ren4 ping2 feng1 lang4 qi3 - wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

如坐针毡 如坐針氈 ru2 zuo4 zhen1 zhan1
lit. as if sitting on pins and needles; fig. to be in an uncomfortable situation

软坐 軟坐 ruan3 zuo4
soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)

围坐 圍坐 wei2 zuo4
to sit in a circle; seated around (a narrator)

稳坐钓鱼台 穩坐釣魚臺 wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

席地而坐 席地而坐 xi2 di4 er2 zuo4
to sit on the ground or the floor (idiom)

闲坐 閑坐 xian2 zuo4
to sit around; to sit idly

行不改姓,坐不改名 行不改姓,坐不改名 xing2 bu4 gai3 xing4 - zuo4 bu4 gai3 ming2
see 行不更名,坐不改姓

行不更名,坐不改姓 行不更名,坐不改姓 xing2 bu4 geng1 ming2 - zuo4 bu4 gai3 xing4
I am who I am (and I'm not ashamed); fig. to be proud of one's name and stand by one's actions

仰卧起坐 仰臥起坐 yang3 wo4 qi3 zuo4
sit-up (physical exercise)

正襟危坐 正襟危坐 zheng4 jin1 wei1 zuo4
to sit upright and still (idiom)

直角坐标 直角座標 zhi2 jiao3 zuo4 biao1
rectangular coordinates

纵坐标 縱座標 zong4 zuo4 biao1
vertical coordinate; ordinate

坐班 坐班 zuo4 ban1
to work office hours; on duty

坐班房 坐班房 zuo4 ban1 fang2
to be in prison

坐便器 坐便器 zuo4 bian4 qi4
pedestal type WC

坐标 坐標 zuo4 biao1
coordinate (geometry)

坐标法 座標法 zuo4 biao1 fa3
method of coordinates (geometry)

坐标空间 座標空間 zuo4 biao1 kong1 jian1
coordinate space

坐标系 座標系 zuo4 biao1 xi4
coordinate system (geometry)

坐不垂堂 坐不垂堂 zuo4 bu4 chui2 tang2
lit. don't sit under overhanging eaves (idiom); fig. don't stay in danger area

坐厕 坐廁 zuo4 ce4
seating toilet

坐厕垫 坐廁墊 zuo4 ce4 dian4
toilet seat

坐禅 坐禪 zuo4 chan2
to sit in meditation; to meditate

坐车 坐車 zuo4 che1
to take the car, bus, train etc

坐吃享福 坐吃享福 zuo4 chi1 xiang3 fu2
vegetative existence; to consume passively without doing anything useful

坐垫 坐墊 zuo4 dian4
cushion; (motorbike) seat

坐电梯 坐電梯 zuo4 dian4 ti1
to take an elevator

坐定 坐定 zuo4 ding4
to be seated

坐墩 坐墩 zuo4 dun1
Chinese drum-shaped stool

坐而论道 坐而論道 zuo4 er2 lun4 dao4
to sit and pontificate; to find answers through theory and not through practice (idiom)

坐骨 坐骨 zuo4 gu3

坐骨神经 坐骨神經 zuo4 gu3 shen2 jing1
sciatic nerve

坐骨神经痛 坐骨神經痛 zuo4 gu3 shen2 jing1 tong4

坐观成败 坐觀成敗 zuo4 guan1 cheng2 bai4
to sit and await success or failure (idiom); to wait to see the outcome of a fight before taking sides; to sit on the fence

坐果 坐果 zuo4 guo3
to bear fruit

坐好 坐好 zuo4 hao3
to sit properly; to sit up straight

坐化 坐化 zuo4 hua4
to die in a seated posture (Buddhism)

坐降落伞 坐降落傘 zuo4 jiang4 luo4 san3
to do a parachute jump

坐井观天 坐井觀天 zuo4 jing3 guan1 tian1
lit. to view the sky from the bottom of a well (idiom); ignorant and narrow-minded

坐蜡 坐蠟 zuo4 la4
to be embarrassed; to be put in a difficult situation

坐牢 坐牢 zuo4 lao2
to be imprisoned

坐冷板凳 坐冷板凳 zuo4 leng3 ban3 deng4
to hold an inconsequential job; to receive a cold reception; to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience; to be out in the cold; to be sidelined; to warm the bench; to cool one's heels

坐力 坐力 zuo4 li4
see 後坐力|后坐力

坐立不安 坐立不安 zuo4 li4 bu4 an1
lit. agitated sitting or standing (idiom); restless; fidgety

坐立难安 坐立難安 zuo4 li4 nan2 an1
unable to sit or stand still (out of nervousness etc) (idiom)

坐落 坐落 zuo4 luo4
to be situated; to be located (of a building)

坐骑 坐騎 zuo4 qi2
saddle horse; mount

坐山观虎斗 坐山觀虎鬥 zuo4 shan1 guan1 hu3 dou4
sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight; watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted (idiom)

坐商 坐商 zuo4 shang1
tradesman; shopkeeper

坐失 坐失 zuo4 shi1
to let sth slip by; to miss an opportunity

坐失机宜 坐失機宜 zuo4 shi1 ji1 yi2
to sit and waste a good opportunity (idiom); to lose the chance

坐失良机 坐失良機 zuo4 shi1 liang2 ji1
to sit and waste a good opportunity (idiom); to lose the chance

坐视不理 坐視不理 zuo4 shi4 bu4 li3
to sit and watch, but remain indifferent (idiom)

坐视无睹 坐視無睹 zuo4 shi4 wu2 du3
to turn a blind eye to

坐收渔利 坐收漁利 zuo4 shou1 yu2 li4
benefit from others' dispute (idiom)

坐台 坐臺 zuo4 tai2
to work as a hostess in a bar or KTV

坐台小姐 坐台小姐 zuo4 tai2 xiao3 jie3
bar girl; professional escort

坐探 坐探 zuo4 tan4
inside informer; mole; plant

坐卧不宁 坐臥不寧 zuo4 wo4 bu4 ning4
to be restless

坐席 坐席 zuo4 xi2
seat (at a banquet); to attend a banquet

坐下 坐下 zuo4 xia5
to sit down

坐享 坐享 zuo4 xiang3
to enjoy sth without lifting a finger

坐享其成 坐享其成 zuo4 xiang3 qi2 cheng2
to reap where one has not sown (idiom)

坐像 坐像 zuo4 xiang4
seated image (of a Buddha or saint)

坐药 坐藥 zuo4 yao4

坐椅 坐椅 zuo4 yi3
seat; chair

坐以待毙 坐以待斃 zuo4 yi3 dai4 bi4
to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one's fate

坐月 坐月 zuo4 yue4
see 坐月子

坐月子 坐月子 zuo4 yue4 zi5
to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the "wind"

坐镇 坐鎮 zuo4 zhen4
(of a commanding officer) to keep watch; to oversee