hole; pit; tunnel; to defraud

variant of 坑; pit; hole

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
凹坑 凹坑 ao1 keng1
concave depression; crater

避弹坑 避彈坑 bi4 dan4 keng1

避坑落井 避坑落井 bi4 keng1 luo4 jing3
to dodge a pit only to fall into a well (idiom); out of the frying pan into the fire

大坑 大坑 da4 keng1
Tai Hang District, Hong Kong

弹坑 彈坑 dan4 keng1
bomb crater

蹲坑 蹲坑 dun1 keng1
Turkish toilet; squat toilet; to vacate one's bowels

焚书坑儒 焚書坑儒 fen2 shu1 keng1 ru2
to burn the books and bury alive the Confucian scholars (one of the crimes of the first Emperor in 212 BC)

古坑 古坑 gu3 keng1
Gukeng or Kukeng township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan

古坑乡 古坑鄉 gu3 keng1 xiang1
Gukeng or Kukeng township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan

火坑 火坑 huo3 keng1
pit of fire; fig. living hell

基坑 基坑 ji1 keng1
foundation groove; trench for building foundation

坑道 坑道 keng1 dao4
mine shaft; gallery; tunnel

坑爹 坑爹 keng1 die1
(Internet slang) dishonest; fraudulent; deceptive

坑洞 坑洞 keng1 dong4
hole; pit; pothole

坑害 坑害 keng1 hai4
to trap; to frame

坑井 坑井 keng1 jing3
(mine) galleries and pits

坑坎 坑坎 keng1 kan3
uneven (road); depression (in terrain)

坑坑洼洼 坑坑窪窪 keng1 keng5 wa1 wa1
bumpy; full of potholes

坑口 坑口 keng1 kou3
Hang Hau (area in Hong Kong)

坑蒙 坑蒙 keng1 meng1
to swindle

坑蒙拐骗 坑蒙拐騙 keng1 meng1 guai3 pian4
to swindle; to cheat

坑木 坑木 keng1 mu4
pit prop

坑骗 坑騙 keng1 pian4
to cheat; to swindle

坑人 坑人 keng1 ren2
to cheat sb

坑杀 坑殺 keng1 sha1
to bury alive; to ensnare

坑洼 坑窪 keng1 wa1
pothole; dip in the road

矿坑 礦坑 kuang4 keng1
mine; mine shaft

满坑满谷 滿坑滿谷 man3 keng1 man3 gu3
filling every nook and cranny

毛坑 毛坑 mao2 keng1
variant of 茅坑

茅坑 茅坑 mao2 keng1
latrine pit; latrine

墓坑 墓坑 mu4 keng1
tomb pit

墓坑夯土层 墓坑夯土層 mu4 keng1 hang1 tu3 ceng2
layer filled with rammed earth in a tomb pit (archeology)

泥坑 泥坑 ni2 keng1
mud pit; mire; morass

散兵坑 散兵坑 san3 bing1 keng1
foxhole (military)

沙坑 沙坑 sha1 keng1
sandbox; jumping pit (athletics); sand trap, bunker (golf)

沙坑杆 沙坑桿 sha1 keng1 gan1
sand wedge (golf)

深坑 深坑 shen1 keng1
Shenkeng township in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

深坑乡 深坑鄉 shen1 keng1 xiang1
Shenkeng township in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

渗坑 滲坑 shen4 keng1
sewage pit

水坑 水坑 shui3 keng1
puddle; water hole; sump

跳出釜底进火坑 跳出釜底進火坑 tiao4 chu1 fu3 di3 jin4 huo3 keng1
out of the frying pan into the fire (idiom)

跳出火坑 跳出火坑 tiao4 chu1 huo3 keng1
lit. to jump out of a fire pit (idiom); to escape from a living hell; to free oneself from a life of torture

污水坑 污水坑 wu1 shui3 keng1

无底坑 無底坑 wu2 di3 keng1
the bottomless pit (Hell in the Bible); pitless (elevator)

陷坑 陷坑 xian4 keng1
pitfall; pit as animal trap

一个萝卜一个坑 一個蘿蔔一個坑 yi1 ge4 luo2 bo5 yi1 ge4 keng1
lit. every turnip to its hole (idiom); fig. each person has his own position; each to his own; horses for courses; every kettle has its lid

俑坑 俑坑 yong3 keng1
pit with funerary figures; pit containing terracotta warriors

月坑 月坑 yue4 keng1
lunar crater

陨坑 隕坑 yun3 keng1
meteorite crater

占着茅坑不拉屎 占著茅坑不拉屎 zhan4 zhe5 mao2 keng1 bu4 la1 shi3
lit. to occupy a latrine but not shit (proverb); fig. to be a dog in the manger